Persian Cat Chinchilla Longhair

Persian Cat Chinchilla

Persian cat Chinchilla Longhair is commonly also known as chinchilla persian longhair, in Southeast Asia Chinchilla Longhair is also known by the name of Janjira cat and is also often called “silver cat”.

Chinchilla Longhair cats are Persian cats that were originally glorified in England until eventually some breeders made it a new breed, while others included them in persian cat breed groups.

Chinchilla Longhair is very graceful, long-haired, and there are two colors namely Chinchilla Longhair with bright color (true) and Chinchilla Longhair with a rather dark color (silver gradation).

Chinchilla Longhair cat has a gentle, warm personality, quiet, obedient, very calm and happy to lie down. Chinchilla Longhair cats can adapt well to children and are very pleasant. Chinchilla Longhair’s fun is lazing and playing, Chinchilla Longhair is happy indoors (indoors).

Chinchilla Longhair cats are also easy to home with, relatively noisy and very suitable to live indoors as family members. Chinchilla Longhair cats are adaptable, making them easy to get along with every household. This cat is easily familiar with other cats, other pets and children, very responsive and a source of happiness for its owner, very pleasant. They love to play, they love indoors (indoors).

Characteristics of Chinchilla Longhair Cat

Persian Cat Chinchilla
Persian Chinchilla

Like the Persian cat breed, Chinchilla Longhair’s cat is very graceful and the face is very cute. The shape of the head is large and round, has a nose and is also wide with a clear border gap with the eyes. Chinchilla Longhair’s jaw is strong and wide, full cheeks supported by protruding cheekbones. When viewed from the side, the forehead of the nose and chin are in the shape of a perpendicular line.

The interesting thing about Chinchilla Longhair Cat is also shown by her eyes that open round and wide, the color of her eyes is related to the color of the fur and is matching. Chinchilla Longhair cats have large round eyes with emerald, blue and green, green, or yellow-green colors. His long fur is amazing. The long fur is shiny thick, covering all parts of her body, with thick, straight, long tail feathers according to the proportions of her body. The ears of chinchilla longhair cats are round, the base is wide and not too high and tilts forward.

The chest shape of the Persian Cat Chinchilla Longhair is wide and rounded with a slightly rounded back, while the size and position of the back abdomen is rounded and lower (cobby). Chinchilla cat legs are short, thick, strong supported by large bones. The front legs are straight and the hind legs are also straight when viewed from behind.

Chinchilla Longhair Cat In The Eyes of the World Cat Association

The FEDERATION or Asociasi SACC – kucing Southern Africa Cat Council recognizes chinchilla longhair cats as a foundingbreed, but cfa – Cat Fanciers Association, GCCF – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, and most other federations and associations include them in persian cat breed groups.

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