Causes and How to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Causes and How to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Negative thinking or Always thinking negatively is a disease or abnormality of thinking patterns that will be able to make your condition weakened. Thoughts and feelings are always lulled in a bad atmosphere or have suspicions that are not appropriate. So this results in your anger and can also cause stress for you.

Causes of People Thinking Negatively

The causes of negative thoughts are lack of religious insight, negative family parenting patterns, lack of clear life goals, negative routines, internal influences, external influences, past experiences, negative life concentration, weak spirit of life, poor social relationships, influence of media information.

Elfiky’s opinion was made clear by Sofian’s opinion (2011) that negative thoughts do not come for granted, negative thoughts are an accumulation of every thing that a person does or happens in times or influences from outside, such as the invasion of negative impressions and the influence of those closest to him.

Causes and How to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Here is the exposure of the cause of negative thoughts:

1. Programs and past history

The way a person is raised is the most influential thing in that person’s way of thinking. If a person is raised with a parent who always forbids, in the mind of the person will be ingrained in fear and doubt, that person will be a child who does not dare to try because his parents always instill thoughts on something is dangerous or useless.

When parents always say pessimistic things, in the mind of the child will be embedded pessimistic, as a result the child will grow up to be someone who lacks confidence.

2. Weak desires or even lack of clear goals

When someone really wants something, it’s going to try to get it. Before his wishes are successfully obtained, then the person will remain focused on the wishes and efforts that he is doing.

Because the mind is only focused on the goal then the person will not think of other things such as thinking negative things. Conversely, when one has no clear desires or goals, the mind will be easily possessed by negative thoughts, especially wishful thinking and frustration

3. Negative routines

Because it goes on every day, many people are unaware of the negative routines they do. Negative routines can lead a person to unhappiness and dissatisfaction in living life.

Let’s say that someone who does a job for a long time will feel like a work that is meaningless to him so that he feels his life is bland and leads to sadness and diverts to a routine that he considers safer such as a television viewing routine that gives rise to negative thoughts such as lazy, pessimistic, hesitant, or afraid to try new things outside and feel like he chooses to watch television because he thinks it is safer.

4. Internal Influence

Many people easily judge themselves with negative opinions. For example, women feel themselves not beautiful or feel a deficiency in certain parts of the body.

This weakens their confidence and can even alienate them. It can be said that the person who suffers the most is the one who cannot accept himself. This difficulty makes it easy for a person to think negatively such as minder, hesitation, anxiety, fear, pessimism, prejudice, easy to complain and others (Elfiky, 2011).

5. External Influence

Closest people (parents, relatives, family, teachers, and friends), media impressions are factors from outside the individual that can influence one’s mind to be positive or negative. For example, someone who is used to being laughed at or humiliated in doing something in the surrounding environment then the tendency of the person will become pessimistic.

Causes and How to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Therefore here we discuss so that all of that does not happen by changing the negative mindset to positive. How to get rid of negative thoughts?

Steps to Eliminate Negative Mindsets for a happy life

1. Thinking We Live Not Alone

When you think negatively fight in a way that you do not live alone on the face of the earth. You need to socialize with others. And believe you need others as long as you live so that positive thoughts will reappear.

2. Get Rid of Your Emotions

Yes the magnitude arises negative thoughts because of uncontrolled emotions. Usually when angry with someone I don’t know what the cause is but sometimes there is also no problem but you think that he did something. Know that only your emotions may be emotions because they miss or want to be understood by them. But if the emotions are not yet controlled then switch out of your place and lampiaskan your emotions in a quiet place.

3. Hanging Out With People Who Can Motivate You

A little bit you get along with good people and bad behavior then a little bit of it sticks to you. Tips from me When you feel high emotions or feelings that are not necessarily real then go out and hang out with friends who can entertain you and give some explanations, it is certain that your feelings will calm down and improve again. After improving rethink that you will try to eliminate feelings that are not necessarily true.

4. Instill a Feeling of Responsibility

If you plant these feelings well in your mind, then it will be difficult to have those negative feelings. Why? Because negative feelings arise because you feel yourself are a victim, but with you have a responsible mindset then you will be ready to bear whatever will happen good or bad without any negative thoughts.

5. Find a Bright Spot And Be a Good Person

The final step that will certainly eliminate negative feelings from your mind. Looking for a bright spot to think clearly and change yourself to be good is a step that already ensures you are spared and have that bad nature.

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Motivate yourself to be the best and whatever happens just think it’s destiny and think positively about whatever has happened that you have experienced. Then Think with the bright spot of benefits and the consequences of positive thinking is useful for you? it’s a choice.

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The above can motivate you to avoid such bad qualities that always think negatively about what has happened. Hopefully it can help you if you have such bad thoughts. The benefits of having such properties definitely do not exist, which there are only consequences!

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