Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Day Celebrations Valentine’s day is only one month away some of you must have started looking for inspiration or ideas to spend valentine’s day with a partner whether it’s a girlfriend, wife or husband, or even still a crush. Candle light dinner, giving dolls, flowers or chocolate must be common and for those of you who are looking for something special and unique for your loved ones maybe some of the following Valentine’s Day ideas recommendations you can make inspiration:

Chocolate Substitute Favorite Foods

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day celebrations but if you want something unique try replacing chocolate with other foods that are your partner’s favorite, but so that the unique food is formed in the form of a heart, such as heart-shaped cheese, heart-shaped cheese cake or if you want to be unique and funny but without leaving the romantic side, invite your partner to eat at a favorite place whether it’s fried rice, soto or pecal then present a jar of heart-shaped crackers to accompany your lunch, surely you can smile the sweetest from your partner.

Making Food or Cake Together

Usually Valentine’s Day is also attached to cake so it is not surprising to get one print of your favorite cake on Valentine’s Day can be long queue or even can not at all. Instead of spending time queuing at the cake shop, it’s better to spend time with your partner making cakes together and invite your partner to experiment together, the end result does not need to be perfect which is important time spent together is much more meaningful.

valentine's day
Cooking with a Partner

Culinary Hunting

Romantic dinners seem to have become a Valentine’s Day trade mark so restaurants and cafes are usually fully booked on Valentine’s Day. For those of you who do not have a reservation it does not matter, rather than just sitting in one restaurant and because of the long queue you so can not long sit down to enjoy a romantic night better use the time and togetherness to hunt culinary throughout the city, looking for snacks that you can taste new at the end of the night looking for cool spots for dinner, No need to fancy the important place is quite cozy for you to spend the night with your partner.

Presenting a ‘Useful’ Gift

Celebrating Valentine’s Day without giving at least one gift as a memento seems less afdol. Therefore there is no harm in you starting to hunt for gifts for you to offer to loved ones but do not choose the usual gifts such as dolls or jewelry, try to choose gifts that are really ‘useful’ and can be used everyday such as if your girlfriend likes to cook, buy him a heart-patterned apron that he can use every day or a heart-shaped sleeping lamp can also, It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Spend the Night Together

Especially for married couples usually to celebrate valentine’s day choose to spend the night in a luxury hotel. Well, especially for husbands try to surprise the wife by going home early and decorate your bedroom with a sprinkling of roses, the wife’s favorite aromatherapy candles and prepare a romantic dinner for you two. Simple but still romantic.

So, celebrating valentine’s day does not have to be luxurious let alone expensive as long as time is spent with loved ones in a way that will feel special. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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