Toxic Friends, Recognize the Following Characteristics

toxic friend

A good friendship is when there is kindness in it. For this reason, if there is nothing good that you get in a friendship, but instead has a negative effect on you, immediately realize that maybe he has the characteristics of a toxic friend.

A friend is actually someone who accompanies you to grow into a better person. A toxic friend, on the other hand, is someone who makes you feel uncomfortable in their presence.

Below are the characteristics of toxic friends that you can recognize. Take a look, in case any of them refer to your friends.

No Empathy

Have you ever confided in your friend, but instead of getting peace of mind, you get annoyed because your friend doesn’t listen or even compares your problem to theirs? Or she’s judgmental and thinks your problem is trivial.

Perhaps, it sounds like a joke at first. However, pay attention, if he continues to be like that every time you confide in him, then he is a toxic friend.

toxic friend
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You should know one thing, everyone has the right to pour their heart out to the right person. Don’t let this Toxic Friend traumatize you so that you prefer to keep it to yourself. If it’s hard for you to trust others, try writing in a diary. Don’t forget to hide it in a safe place. A diary is a best friend even if she can’t talk. But sometimes, you just need to be heard.

Always Dominate

When you vent, always compare your problems to hers. That’s why, when we talk, all the content of the conversation must be about her. No matter what you say, she always takes over and starts talking about herself again. You don’t get a chance to speak up and have your say. Worse, it’s not uncommon for him to reject your opinion and assume his opinion is always right.

How would you feel if you were in this position? Angry, of course. And sad. He never seems interested in knowing about you and what you think. You might even feel worthless. Don’t be afraid, don’t be sad. You just haven’t met the right friend yet.

Badmouthing You Behind Your Back

This is the third characteristic of toxic friends. He talks about you badly to others. The friend who is supposed to be loyal and keep secrets, he betrays you and even spreads bad gossip about you.

How to recognize the signs of him talking about you behind your back is actually easy. He will always gossip about other people with you and when you’re not around, you’re the subject of his gossip. Be careful when confiding in her-she’s definitely not trustworthy. There’s no point in maintaining it, it will only kill your character slowly, but surely.

Toxic friends always take advantage of you

It’s not just money, toxic friends will take full advantage of you. Like insisting on being dropped off everywhere without knowing you’re busy or telling you how to do things. He always says that he’s counting on you, but, in fact, he’s just using you.

On the contrary, he is never there when you need help either materially or in services. It is about take and give-giving and receiving. If you always give without receiving, what’s the point of keeping it?

toxic friend
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You must refuse firmly. Show her that you are a good person, but not so easy to take advantage of. Let her know that if she continues to depend on you, it will be her loss. It’s for his own good too.

Toxic Friends Are Bad for You

The most obvious characteristic of toxic friends is that they have a bad impact on you. For example, he asks you to do bad things and defy the norms. Or he bullies you mentally like, always putting you down, constantly judging you to the point of saying and doing unpleasant things to you.

Overall, toxic friends don’t make you happy, in fact, you’ll often find them very annoying and troublesome. There’s no point in maintaining unhealthy friendships like this, my friend.

Continuing to be with toxic friends will only make you depressed from various sides. Move away, let go. You deserve to be happy with the right friends who are better than him. Maybe, no one is perfect, no one will ever really understand you, but toxic friends are different, they really poison your life.

Finally, a little information for you, it’s quite difficult to break free from the shackles of toxic friends. Because, he will always be sweet in front of you – but, hypocritical. In a way, she needs you to vent everything to you.

Take it slowly, like refusing his every request and trying not to get close to him. You can always choose which is the best way to get away without hurting her. It’s okay, there’s no need for revenge. Others may have hurt you, you don’t.

Well, those are some characteristics of toxic friends that you can recognize. Hopefully useful yes. Don’t forget to always prioritize your mental health from negative influences. You are valuable!

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