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Keeping a cat should not be done arbitrarily. There are things to be aware of including about food. Cat food should contain the nutrients needed by cats, especially taurine and amino acids. Generally, some types of food for these animals are wet or dry.

In the market is spread a variety of brands ranging from expensive to cheap prices. Do you think cat food is cheap but contains all the nutrients you need? Here’s a recommendation of cat food brands at low prices but quality. Before that, let’s get to know the type and tips on choosing the right food!

Types of cat food

Cat food is a food specifically given and consumed by domestic cats. This food can be purchased in animal-only places such as pet shops,shops to supermarkets. There are several types of food that can be given to cats, including the following:

Types of Wet Cat Food

wet cat food
Chewy Cat Food

This type of wet cat food is usually canned food which contains at least 75 – 78 percent water. Not only cans, wet food is also sold in the form of foil plastic bags and sachets.

Wet type food is made from high quality meat. The meat is then ground and pounded until it becomes porridge. Although it has a high water content, but this food is not good for dental health.

In addition, wet foods also contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that can cause inflammation of adipose tissue. However, when compared to dry foods, this type of food can reduce the problem of urination, diabetes, kidney failure, constipation and obesity.

Dry type food

Dry cat food
Best Dry Cat food

This type of dry food for cats usually contains only 8-10 percent water. This food processing is made by extrusion of meat with high pressure and temperature. For its own price, this type of food is much cheaper compared to other types.

If wet food is not good for dental health, then dry type is very good for dental health. In addition, this type of food can also prevent tartar deposits in cats.

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When compared to wet foods, these dry foods are not easily damaged and can last for several days even if left in a bowl. It is different if this food is given fat, it will cause the food to runcid quickly and undergo oxidation.

Vegetarian Cat Food

cat food
Benevo – vegetarian

This type of food is especially for vegetarian cats that are rich in various nutritional content such as taurine and arachidonic acid. Usually vegetarian foods on the market have been labeled from AAFOO (Association of American Feed Control Official). The feeding indicates that the food meets the requirements for nutritional profile.

Homemade Cat Food

cat food

In addition to buying food, many owners also prefer to make their own food for their cats. Usually these homemade foods generally consist of some form such as raw or cooked meat, bones, vegetables, and supplements such as taurina and multivitamins.

Tips for choosing the right food

Food should contain some nutrients that are really needed. Here are tips on choosing the right food for your cat:

1. Choose foods that contain taurine and amino acids

One of the most important nutrients for cats is taurine. Taurine is a derivative of amino acids that cats cannot produce. One of the foods containing taurine is found in meat.

If a cat lacks taurine substances in their body, it will cause a variety of health problems, especially in the eyes such as retinal degeneration, cataracts, vision loss, and heart damage

2. Choose those containing animal protein

Cat food should also contain high protein. One of the recommended proteins is animal protein. Animal protein that must be present in the content of foods such as chicken, tuna, bonito fish, salmon, eggs, chicken liver, and lamb. In addition, vegetables and oatmeal are also very good as ingredients for the manufacture of food.

3. Choose foods that are low in magnesium

The magnesium content in it should not be high. If this happens, it will cause urinary tract disorders in the cat.

4. Give the cat age-appropriate

The next tip is that feeding for cats should be appropriate for their age. For kittens it usually requires a high protein intake, whereas adult cats usually need a low-protein diet.

Cat food brand recommendations

Felibite Dry Food

cat food
Cat Food ‘Felibite Dry Food’

Felibite is a brand of cat food made with balanced nutrients such as omega 3 and omega 6 that can maintain the health of fur, taurine substances for eye health and yucca extract that can reduce odors in cat feces.

This brand is made from raw materials of tuna and seafood. The food form of this brand is round and fish. In addition, the aroma and taste of this brand is good and does not smell fishy so it is very preferred for all types of cats.

Although many nutrients are good for your cat’s health, this brand contains wheat and corn that are not good for your cat’s digestion.

Me-O Cat Food

cat food
Brand ‘Me-O Cat Food’

Me-O Cat Food is a brand of cat food originating from Thailand. This brand contains many nutrients that are good for cats such as vitamin C, vitamin D, omega 3, omega 6, phosphorus, and calcium. Regular consumption of this food ensures that your cat will be healthy.

This brand is available in several flavors. For adult cats there are flavor variants ranging from beef, chicken, butal fish, tuna and vegetables. As for kittens there are variants of seafood flavors. To get this product, cat owners can buy it in online stores, pet shops to convenience stores. However, be careful with counterfeit products on the market.

This brand can be given to all types of cats. However, if the cat maintained has a fat allergy, then do not give food from this product.

Friskies Meaty Grills

Friskies Meaty Grills
Brand Cat Food ‘Friskies Meaty Grills’

Friskies Meaty Grills is a brand of cat food that can be consumed for all ages. This type of cat food is dry and wet. Friskies Meaty Grills are available in two flavors: tuna and chicken.

In this brand contains carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals that are very good for the health and growth of cats. This brand can also be for cats with indigestion. However, never give food from this brand to cats who are on a diet or have tuna allergies.


Friskies Meaty Grills
Cat Food ‘Whiskas’

Whiskas brand is one of the most popular cat food brands and is widely found because of its affordable price but quality in terms of nutrition. This brand contains vitamin E and A which are indispensable to cats. However, the brand also contains corn and gandung which is not good for cats with indigestion. Not only that, Whiskas also contains gluten.

Just like the Friskies brand, Whiskas are also available in wet and dry types. For flavor variants, this product is available ranging from ocean fish, tuna and mackarel fish flavors. Cat food of this brand can be consumed by both adult and child cats.

Maxi Premium Cat Food

Maxi Premium Cat Food
Brand – Maxi Premium Cat Food

Maxi Cat Food is a brand of cat food that is usually sought after for the type of fur that contains some nutrients that can increase appetite. Nutrients contained in the brand Maxi premium cat food such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3, and omega 6. Not only that, this brand contains L-Lysine which is good for immunity. There is also an extract yucca content that can reduce odors in cat litter.

The shape of the food from the brand Maxi premium cat food is round with a soft texture. This brand is available in two flavors namely chicken and tuna flavor. However, if your cat has a tuna allergy, do not give food from this brand.


cat food
Cat Food Proplan

Proplan brand is a brand of cat food that contains balanced nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3, omega 6 and high protein.

This brand also contains 25 percent lower fat than other brands. Therefore, this brand is perfect for cats who want to lose weight. Usually, food from Proplan is consumed by poststeril cats to avoid obesity.

Proplan has different types of food to suit cat conditions such as Delicate Optirenal for kidney health and House Cat for indoor cats.


cat food
Brand ‘Equilibrio’

Equilibrio is a brand of cat food originating from Brazil that belongs to the dry breed. This brand contains 35 percent protein and 20 percent fat so it is useful for the process of weight gain. Not only that, this brand also contains omega 3 and omega 6 which are good for the health of your cat’s teeth. There is also the content of yucca schidigera extract which is useful to reduce the smell of feces in cats and anti hariball. Although the food of this brand is dry, but the texture is soft and easy to chew cats.

Royal Canin Hair & Skin

Royal Canin Hair & Skin
Brand ‘Royal Canin Hair & Skin’

Royal Canin Hair & Skin is a brand of cat food from France that is popular for its quality and price that is quite draining. Usually food from this brand is used for hair loss problems in cats. Not only that, this brand can also soften and lengthen the nails of all types of cats, both domestic cats and certain breeds.

The use of food from the brand Royal Canin Hair & Skin is usually recommended by Indonesian veterinarians. Even so, the price of this brand is quite expensive.


cat food bolt
Cat Feed Brand Bolt

Bolt is one of the highest quality cat food brands. In the packaging, the food will be served in a purple and yellow packaging and equipped with various explanations. Which compares the two only form of feed only, while the taste served consists of only 1 variation. Special package green color contents in the form of fish, while the yellow contents in the form of donuts.

When compared to other brands, Bolt is priced more expensively. For one package of Bolt cat food weighing 20 kg, the market gives a price of approximately 300 thousands. If you feel objected to that price, you can buy versus repack at a price of only 20 thousands per kg. Although the price is quite high, but the quality sold is not canned cans.

Even often, some members of the cat community will reference the best food for their beloved furry animals. Of the many brands mentioned, of course Bolt will be the most favorite brand and is being discussed. Because, this feed is claimed to be able to provide a myriad of benefits when given to the cat.

As originally discussed, some cat owners could also notice positive changes before and after Bolt’s consumption. Even the benefits can be witnessed in real time, where the cat’s skin that looks healthy that glows like a special treatment from the salon. Besides, the content in it helps sharpen the cat’s view.

Other benefits given by Bolt such as maintaining dental health, adding to the immune system, to reduce the cat from the ease of urinary tract disease or commonly mentioned FLUTD. If in terms of quality is not questionable, then how in terms of taste? Bolt brings tuna flavor with a variety of two different forms, namely the shape of doughnuts and the shape of fish kible.

Not only does it have an adorable shape, the owner is spoiled with fragrances made from Bolt’s cat food. Because the smell of this feed is the same as the smell of caramelized almonds, produce different impressions from generally other brands that smell a little fishy. When grasped, this feed looks more tender which of course feels good for the digestion of the cat.

The feed feels tender and does not hurt teeth, an advantage that needs to be appreciated. The problem is that there are many food brands for cats that have such a loud structure and make loud noises when chewed by their sharp teeth. Instead of hurting pets with hard textured feed, it seems that now is the time to move on using the best quality products such as Bolt.

Based on the discussion on the packaging, Bolt admitted that his product has a myriad of good nutrients needed for pets. Some of those nutritional values are divided into 4% optimal coarse fiber, 28% minimum coarse protein, 9% minimum coarse fat, and 10% optimal humidity level. With all its nutritional value offerings, it’s no surprise that some cat lovers recommend Bolt cat food as a favorite product.

Bolt as a cat-only feed is widely recommended by some cat lovers. Not only does it taste so favored by the cat, but the nutrition presented is complete enough to meet its nutritional needs and equal to the price base offered. This quality cat feed is able to increase appetite, until the owners are lazy to move to food other than bolt.

Well that’s the review of the type of food and tips on choosing the right one for the cat. In addition, there are some quality brand recommendations. With this review can be an early knowledge for you about the breed, tips and brand of cat food before deciding to keep it.

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