Cool Bedroom Decoration With String Light

String Light, Bedroom Decorating Ideas

String light is a decoration of small lights that hang on a rope. This lamp decoration is often referred to as tumblrlamp. In addition to being a christmas tree decoration lamp, this lamp has also gained more attention as a bedroom decoration lamp along with decorative flowers.

As a place to unwind, the bedroom should be able to provide a sense of comfort. In addition to comfort, the beauty of the bedroom should also be noticed. You can give a little simple touch to the bedroom to give a sense of comfort while resting by decorating it. Adding string light can be one of the decoration options to beautify your bedroom.

The light effect of this tumblr lamp can give a warm and dramatic impression on the bedroom, so it can be more comfortable when resting and this lamp can also help improve the quality of your sleep. For those of you who previously had problems with nighttime sleep disorders or insomnia,perhaps decorating the bedroom with tumblr lights can help.

Here is an idea for decorating the bedroom with string light that you can try to embellish the bedroom.

1. Decorate a Plain Wall With String Light

Bedroom Decoration With String Light
Decorate Plain Walls With String Light

In addition to using decorations such as wall flowers, the plain walls in the bedroom can be decorated with these small lights. You just have to hang it on the walls of the room by forming straight lines or other forms such as hearts, circles and so on.

Some of your polaroid photos can also be placed along the ropes of this tumblr lamp. Of course this can change the appearance of the bedroom to be more attractive. The polaroid photo can be pinned to a tumblrlamp strap – between the small lights.

2. Pair With a Cotton Cloud

There is no need to buy expensive trinkets for you to make as decorations for bedroom decoration. With enough creativity, simple trinkets such as cotton and tumblr lights can be used as beautiful bedroom decorations. You can form cotton that there resembles a cloud.

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To create this cloud, do not rely solely on the original color of cotton. You can color the cotton to make it more attractive.

Tumblr lights can be placed just above the cotton cloud decoration. This decoration can be placed in the corner of the bedroom or hung on the ceiling of the room so that you can enjoy the light of this lamp sambir lying on the bed.

3. Combine String Light With Twigs

to create a natural-themed room, you can apply this lamp with the branches of trees placed in the corner of the bedroom. The result of this decoration is quite interesting and does not require much time and cost to make it.

Just like in cotton cloud making, twigs can also be colored before being placed in your room. Coloring can use paint or use lacquer to make twigs look more shiny.

4. Combine With Aromatherapy Candles

String Light
Combine With Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles can be a great choice to taste tranquility and comfort in the bedroom. In addition to having various forms that can add an attractive impression to the bedroom, this aromatherapy candle also has a soothing aroma.

Small lamps can be placed around the place of laying candles. In addition, the lamp can be wrapped around the aromatherapy candle. The light from the small lamp as well as the aroma of this candle can make you can relax more and get a good quality of sleep.

5. Combine With Synthesis Plants

In addition to using twigs, synthetic plants can also be used as a decoration for bedroom decoration to impress more natural. The green color of plants can make you feel relaxed.

The beauty of synthetic plants can also be increased if coupled with light bulbs that are wrapped or placed around plants.

6. String Light In Children’s Bedrooms

This lamp is also very suitable if used for children’s bedroom decoration. This touch of tumblr lights will make the nursery look sweet.

If the child is afraid to sleep alone because the bed is dark, then you can put this lamp on the bottom, so that the bed is not dark. In addition, the small lights of this lamp can also be described as accompanying little fairies, so that the child can be more courageous to sleep alone in his room.

Tumblr lights are now available in a variety of funny forms. Some are in the form of stars, flowers, gifts, and so on. You may be able to choose a unique light shape to put in the children’s bedroom.

This lamp can be located near the children’s study table, or you hang it on the plain wall. If in the children’s room there are decorative dolls, then this lamp can be wrapped around the decorative dolls.

Tumblr lights have a variety of interesting types and shapes. Here are the types of lamps that you should use for children’s room decoration decoration:

7. Rainbow String Light

rainbow String Light
Rainbow String Light

This lamp is very interesting if you put it on the child’s bedroom. In general, children like something that has a lot of color.

Then this lamp is suitable to be an option, because this lamp has many colors.

8. Round Tumblr Lights

These lights are commonly used as christmas tree decorations. But in addition to being a christmas tree decoration, this lamp can also be used as a room decoration. This lamp is almost the same as the rainbow tumblr lamp.

In addition to these two lights, you can also use lights with one color. Examples include the tumblr warm white light and the blue tumblr light.

Thus the idea of decorating the bedroom using string light or tumblr lights. Hopefully you who want to renovate the bedroom can be helped by these tips.

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