Bedroom Decoration Based on Fengshui

bedroom decoration

What influence does fengshui have on the bedroom? The bedroom decorated based on fengshui principles makes the room more comfortable. Bedroom décor based on fengshui adheres to the main functions of the bedroom, such as for sleep, relaxation and sex.

Fengshui principles combine elements and precise placement to enhance harmony and prosperity in a straight line. This principle ensures the flow of chi energy with a balance of yin and yang energy.

Here are some ways and tips to decorate your bedroom with fengshui.

Correct Bedroom Layout According to Fengshui

floor plan of bedroom decoration based on fengshui
Bedroom Plan

To create a balance engeri chi in the bedroom room.

You have to get rid of all the clutter and clutter that’s at work.

Dirt and dust can cause chi energy to become stagnant which can lead to adverse effects such as disease, disharmony in relationships and loss of wealth.

Proper Bed Placement

Fengshui rules for the placement of furniture on bedroom decorations are as specific and must be followed.

If the size or configuration of the bedroom, especially the location of the window is contrary to the principle of fengshui, then you can make changes according to fengshui rules.

The placement of the bed is the most important aspect of the design of the bedroom decoration as well as the living room.

As the largest piece of furniture in the room, where you rest, the placement of the bed is very important to note.

Misplacement can put your health at risk.

Here are some rules in bed placement:

1. The ideal placement of the bed is the diagonal position of the room door.

This placement can provide privacy and also allows you to see anyone entering the bedroom.

2. Do not place the bed across the door.

This placement puts you in a sleeping position where your feet are pointing towards the door.

This is known as the coffin position and this is the worst sleeping position because it is considered the position of death and is very unfavorable.

3. Avoid placing the bed in front of or under the window because chi energy enters and leave the room through the window.

If your bed is on this path, chi energy will flow over you while you sleep, this can cause your sleep to fidget.

4. Never put the mattress directly on the floor, this is very unfavorable because you are on the main line of energy chi.

5. Never place the bed on the bathroom wall.

Additional Furniture For Proper Bedroom Decoration

bedroom furniture decoration
Furniture Placement In The Bedroom

For the placement of bedroom furniture, it is worth following the same fengshui establishment rules.

Like fengashui for living room and the most important to remember are:

  • Placement blocking the chi energy pathway
  • Placement that creates the poison arrow (angle). Poison arrows will occur every time you place furniture that forms an angle of the elbow directly onto the bed.
  • Bedroom is falling apart due to too much furniture

If you can’t avoid placing the funitur that forms the angle of the elbow that causes the arrow poison.

Then you can fix it by installing a crystal ball in the sky of the bedroom sky.

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In addition you can also place the nighstand on both sides of the bed and make sure the position of the table is not higher than the mattress.

because this can cause rancun oanah that targets directly to the bed.

Chairs and other furniture should also be placed with these guidelines.

If your closet has a mirror, then place a mirror where it does not reflect the bed.

If this is inevitable then when you sleep the mirror should be covered.

Work Desk and Electronics On Bedroom Decoration

Work and sleep can’t be mixed, so don’t place a work desk in the bedroom.

It’s a bad idea to optimize the bedroom fengshui.

For good health and wellness, make sure your pampering is separate from the resting place.

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Electronics should not be outside, as electronics can provide an electrical contribution to the room that can interfere with your sleep.

In a practical world like this, televisions and laptops become electronic devices that are often used in bed.

To get fengshui, slosui for this problem is to put the TV in a closet or cabinet that can be closed when you go to bed.

Cover the laptop if not in use and store it in a drawer. This way, at least the brand isn’t visible when you’re bersitirahat.

Minimalist Room Wall According to Fengshui

bedroom decoration
Minimalist Room Decoration

Guests can decorate the bedroom walls with colors, textures, patterns and artwork.

You can apply fengshu i compass direction to determine the color choice.

The biased color is used to increase certain types of energy or balance yin/yan relationships.

Use calm and soft color colors such as cream, peach, soft kning, light blue and pink are good choices.

If you choose wall art, choose a subject that exudes tranquility and happiness.

Natural gamabar and pair subjects such as two mandarin ducks, geese or peach blossoms describe a relaxed and loving atmosphere.

Bedroom Decorating Tips and Tricks with Feng Shui

If your bedroom doubles as a workspace, choose work desk furniture and other work furniture that can be closed and not visible when not in use.

  • If your closet has a mirror and can only be placed opposite the bed then cover the mirror when you sleep.
  • Don’t crowded the bedroom with unnecessary items
  • Keeping wear neat in drawers and cabinets
  • Dressing tables and beds should be regularly redescribed
  • Do not store items under the dressing table or bed
  • Do not use the bedroom as a storage area
  • Do not put water furniture or water theme paintings in the bedroom because it can provide too much energy that causes sleep to become restless.
  • Do not put live plants in the bedroom karen can stimulate and attract too much energy.
  • Use a light that is not too bright
  • Avoid placing your bed directly exposed to light. This creates a cutting effect that results in poor sleep and even disease.
  • Fix any arrow poison created by sharp corners of furniture with multi-faceted crystals or furniture rearrangement.
  • Avoid open bookshelves; the book makes a poison effect arrow. Fix it by adding glass or wooden doors.

Good Bedroom Decoration According to Fengshui

Everything you place in the bedroom has a profound effect on the flow of chi energy.

You have to make sure the energy of the benefit flows easily between the bedroom door and the window.

By keeping this old groove free of kekaucan and furniture such as chairs and cabinets, you can prevent the flow of stagnant chi and increase the activities that take place in the bedroom.

Lastly, use this principle of fengshui principle to do your best with what you have.

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