World’s Leading Demon

the world's leading devil

Tickets to watch horror movies are often sold out. This type of film even today gets a special place in the hearts of movie lovers, even for teenagers who usually prefer teen movies or movies starring their idols. This proves, the invisible world with all its stories is interesting to put forward and hear.

In addition to the spooky characters that we have often heard in the world as well as in Indonesia, no less fun to discuss are the invisible figures that appear in legends and mythology. As with any character in any world, there are always protagonists and antagonists. Here is the world’s leading demon in the world of legends and mythology


the world's leading devil The actual being of one of these types of angels appears in several world mythologies in various terms and names, but all of them refer to the personification or incarnation of a destructive trait. He is also known as the Destroyer. Abaddon was also the king of the abyss of death who was believed to be a shelter for misguided souls.


the world's leading devil

Beelzebub or Beelzebul is derived from the name of a god from the Philistines who was previously revered in Ekron, before being adopted by ibrahim and designated as the king of satan or devil. It is often associated with the god Baal Canaan. In demonology, he is known as one of the seven princes from hell. Beelzebub likes to mislead people with greed and greed. People who are often entangled are those who often choose expensive food or eat voraciously.


the world's leading devil

In demonology, Astaroth was the grand duke of hell, in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer and was part of the trinity of durjana. A demonologist named Johan Weyer mentions that Astaroth was a great and powerful duke, possessed of a bad physique, rode an evil dragon and carried a venomous snake on his right hand. He is said to command 40 legions of troops. This creature is also rumored to often tempt humans to use an un lawful way of accumulating earthly wealth.


the world's leading devil

In the book of Enoch, this being is the name of one of the angels who went astray and came down to the earth. While in Islam he was the devil and was the ancestor of the jinn. He was one of the four kings of hell and is often referred to as darkness or drought in the desert. This creature is said to be the first creature to fall into sin because it eats the fruit of knowledge by appearing as a serpent.


This one is known among dark creatures as one of the ten most famous demons in the world. Mammon is known as the son of the devil because he is said to be a descendant of Lucifer and symbolizes bad things such as earthly greed. It is said that this creature also snatches wealth even from its own devotees. This creature is also referred to as the god of wealth and wealth. He is a representative of greed or greed in Seven Deadly Sins


the world's leading devil

Often referred to as Cimeries, Cimeies or Cimejes, the name of this creature is thought to have come from cimmerians, people who loved the war that often in some classic writers lived in darkness. It is also said to be the devil that milked the African continent. This creature is depicted as a knight riding a black horse. Kimaris is often revered for his ability to search and detect the existence of treasure.


the world's leading devil

It is a beast, and is thought to have a mythological creature shaped like an elephant, hippopotamus, rhino or buffalo. Some even say it looks like a dinosaur. Metaphorically, the existence of him indicates the entity of something big and powerful. In another story it is mentioned that if the water and ocean regions are controlled by an evil creature named Leviathan, then the land area also has a dark world ruler named Behemoth. Religious leaders in the past often believed that this creature lived in an invisible desert, located to the east of the garden of Eden. This behemoth is believed to appear on the Day of Resurrection.


the world's leading devil

It is this creature that is described as the ruler of water and the ocean. The sea monster is a reflection of the older Canaanite Lotan, an ancient monster conquered by the god Hadad. He is the ruler of the waters which is quite fearless where his name is in Seven Deadly Sins because this one demon is often symbolized as a symbol of envy. Leviathan is described as a terrifying creature that has a large mouth because it often devours anything found both inside and outside the ocean. It is not surprising that it is said that sailors are forced to worship him in order to obtain safety guarantees while at sea.


the world's leading devil

Asmodeus or Ashmedai is known as the king of satan. He is also known as one of the seven princes from hell, each of which represents one such character in Seven Deadly Sins. This one creature is known as a representative of lust. It has three forms and often tempts men to get caught up in sin. Dirty thoughts, adultery, and sins associated with sexual desire can be created to ensname mankind. It is narrated that for men who are trapped and conquered in the path of this being, it will be placed in the second-degree Fire.

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