20 Christmas SpecialTies From Around the World Including Indonesia That Must Be There During Celebration

Christmas specialties

Everyone must know that Christmas is always synonymous with fun activities ranging from decorating the house, Christmas tree, to exchanging gifts. In addition, there are other things that are always awaited during this celebration. What is meant is a typical Christmas dish that must be there during the celebration.

From all over the world including Indonesia, during the celebration there must be some typical Christmas dishes that must exist. Therefore, let’s get to know a variety of Christmas specialties from all corners of the world including Indonesia!

1. Roast Turkey (European and American)

Christmas specialties

Roast turkey is one of the typical dishes that must be there at Christmas in European and American countries. In addition to being a Thanksgiving dish, processed turkey meat grilled with a variety of spices is often the main dish when dinner with family during Christmas Eve.

2. Ciorba de perisoare (Romania)

Christmas specialties

Ciorba de perisoare is a Christmas dish that originated in Romania. At first glance, this dish is similar to Meatballs, Indonesian food, but the difference is the raw material used. Ciorba de perisoare uses raw materials from pork. For the gravy itself, also use gravy from pork broth that produces a savory taste. Delicious taste of this typical Christmas dish is always a complement to christmas dinner together with a large family.

3. Risalamande (Denmark)

Christmas specialties

This Christmas dish has been around since the 19th century. Risalamande is one of the desserts originating from Denmark that is often served as a complementary menu of other Christmas dishes. This dish is the latest of rice pudding with a mixture of whipped cream, vanilla and almonds smeared with cherry sauce so that it produces a fresh and delicious taste.

4. Ayam Budu-Budu (Makassar, Indonesia)

Christmas specialties

The next typical Christmas dish is Ayam Budu-Budu from Makassar, Indonesia. This dish is always served by the people of Makassar when christmas celebrations arrive. Chicken Budu-Budu is made from chicken seasoned with a variety of spices, thin and tamarind so that it produces a savory taste and also fresh.

5. Klappertaart (Manado, Indonesia)

Christmas specialties

This next christmas dish still comes from Indonesia, namely Klappertaart which comes from Manado. At Christmas, traditional Manado cakes that get a lot of influence from Dutch culinary is one of the most hunted foods because it has a sweet and distinctive taste. From there, Klappertaart becomes a must-have dish during the celebration of the big day in Manado including christmas celebrations.

6. Gingerbread

Christmas specialties

Gingerbread, maybe everyone knows this one dish. This typical Christmas dish known as ginger cake is made from processed with ginger, cloves, peanuts, cinnamon, and combined with sweeteners from honey, sugar or molasses. Usually this cake has a shape as diverse as Christmas trinkets including socks, Christmas trees, snow, and others, but most commonly gingerbread is snowman shaped.

Regarding its own origin, Gingerbread has no record of where this cake came from, but certainly every country certainly has its own gingerbread recipe. Gingerbread is usually very suitable to be eaten in winter on Christmas Day. In addition, this cake is often used as a gift for those closest to the family as souvenirs.

7. Yorkshire Pudding (England)

Christmas specialties

Yorkshire Pudding is a typical Christmas dish from England made from milk, eggs, and flour. Usually Yorkshire Pudding as a dessert after eating beef.

8. Apple Pie (UK)

Christmas specialties

The UK was the first country to create a recipe from Apple Pie. Apple Pie is one of the most loved Christmas dishes. Its crispy edge combined with sweet apples in the middle creates a fitting taste. Usually every family that celebrates Christmas certainly has a hereditary Apple Pie recipe from their ancestors in order to feel the taste of a typical Apple Pie. However, the oldest Apple Pie recipe comes from the UK.

9. Pierogi (Poland)

Christmas specialties

Christmas celebrations in Poland have their own rules where eating pork at Christmas is illegal. Therefore, Polish people prefer Pierogi dishes, a kind of dumpling containing mashed potatoes, cheese or sauerkraut.

Usually Pierogi is cooked by boiling or frying with a variety of toppings when served ranging from melted cheese, cream cheese, leeks, to fried onions or also served with additional sauce in different containers or directly served on Pierogi.

10. Julbord (Sweden)

Christmas specialties

A christmas dish that comes from Sweden. This julbord contains a variety of foods and cakes served at the dinner table for Christmas celebrations. Julbord varieties include Kottbula (meatballs), Isterband (grilled sausage from pork), Knackedbrod (dry bread), Janssons frestelse (steamed warm potatoes).

11. Buche de Noel (France)

Christmas specialties

At Christmas, the French have dessert after eating the main course. The dish in question is Buche de Noel. This dish can be said to be a dessert that looks like a roll with various toppings. There is Buche de Noel with melted toppings or chocolate cream or topping cream vanilla or whipped cream.

But to celebrate Christmas, usually Buche de Noel is served shaped like a large log with chocolate toppings on it, then added a sprinkling of fine sugar like snow and christmas decorations such as miniature spruce and mushrooms. This dish has a sweet taste.

12. Mince Pies (England)

Christmas specialties

On Christmas Eve in the UK, the British people often serve roast turkey, baked potatoes, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce. Well, for its own dessert, England has a typical dish that is Mince Pies that has been around since the 13th century. This dish is a type of pie that usually contains a mixture of dried fruits and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg or contains mincemeat called Mincemeat. On it is given a fine sugar topping.

13. Avgolemono Chicken Soup (Greece)

Christmas specialties

When Christmas arrives, some countries are experiencing winter including Greece. When winter arrives, the most suitable food to be served is warm chicken soup. In Greece, people who celebrate Christmas usually served chicken soup with a mixture of lemon and beaten eggs so as to produce a salty and fresh taste. This dish is called Avgolemono Chicken Soup.

14. Feast of Seven Fishes (Italy)

Christmas specialties

Feast of Seven Fishes food or known as the Eve is commonly a must-have dish for Christmas celebrations in Italian-American families. Feast of Seven Fishes is a typical Christmas dish consisting of seven different types of fish and seafood dishes or one to two types of fish prepared in seven different ways. Among the seven dishes from this Feast of Seven Fishes, one that must be on the dinner table is cold cod and Kalamari.

15. Sachertorte (Austria)

Christmas specialties

Sachertorte is a type of chocolate cake dish that was first made at Christmas in 1832. This cake is very famous as a must-have Christmas dish in Vienna, Austria. Although it looks like a chocolate cake in general, but before being coated with dark chocolate, the top of the cake is coated with processed apricot jam then covered with dark chocolate melt. Usually, this cake is served with whipped cream.

16. Black Rum Cake (Jamaica)

Christmas specialties

Christmas celebrations in Jamaica will feel more complete with Black Rum Cake dishes. This typical Jamaican cake is made from fruits that have been soaked in alcohol for weeks. The dark color of this cake comes from a mixture of brown sugar or sugar and chocolate. Usually this dish is very suitable if served with a glass of bitter coffee or tea.

17. Bibingka (Philippines)

Christmas specialties

During Christmas celebrations in the Philippines, the food often served at the dinner table is Bibingka, a type of traditional rice cake made from a mixture of rice flour, water, and coconut water wrapped in banana leaves. Bibingka is cooked by steaming in a saucepan. For bibingka texture itself is similar to a sponge cake. Filipinos enjoy Bibingka along with another food called Puto Bumbong.

18. Fruity Stollen Cake (Germany)

Christmas specialties

Fruity Stollen Cake is a type of traditional cake originating from Germany made from a mixture of almonds, dried fruit, orange peel, raisins, nuts, and various spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. At the top of fruity Stollen cake is coated with refined sugar so as to give the look of a Christmas atmosphere that often occurs during the winter.

20. Spiced Beef (Ireland)

Christmas specialties

Spiced Beef is a traditional beef process that must be available during Christmas celebrations in Ireland. You could say that Spiced Beef is an important part of Christmas dishes in Ireland. Spiced Beef is served in thin slices in both hot and cold conditions. Often Spiced Beef is enjoyed along with typical desserts in Ireland such as chocolate bread, apricots, and almond chutney.

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Well from some of the typical Christmas dishes above, which one do you want to try on Christmas Eve?

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