Here’s Why Being do not Care Anything Is So Important

Here's Why Being Bodo Is So Important

As we get older, the world makes a difference. In the global sphere, we often meet people of different backgrounds with us. As in Indonesia itself which is rich in cultural diversity. That is because people’s attitudes and views vary.

Growing up, you’d meet different people. In fact, some of them seem sensitive to you. Even worse this has an impact on the goals you’re fighting for. For example when they say things that drop you mentally.

Inevitably, you have to take a stand. The choice is only two, face it firmly or prefer to be very bodo. Both attitudes can be applied all as long as it depends on the situation and conditions. It’s not uncommon for many people to prefer bodo amat. This attitude turned out to play an important role. Well this is why being bodo is so important.

We can’t please everyone.

It can’t be done, no matter how good someone is, there must still be someone who hates it. Even artists have a lot of haters who are sometimes very dropped. This is the reason why being bodo is so important. We can’t please everyone.

For, their perception of ourselves is not forever good. However, we live also not to please everyone. But the process that we go through is to work on all the achievements that we want to achieve. When you’re focused on this process, ignore anything else that bothers you in the process.

A small example is reducing social media play. Social media is becoming the most vulnerable agency in the spread of hate speech. If it is not properly matched, this can trigger a split. Well in these conditions behaving bodo very very very good to be an option.

Live more as it is

Being bodo really makes us live as we are. Because there are haters, there is no way we will continue to obey their comments. The sense of likes and dislikes is always there. This is why bodo attitude is very helpful. It is better to focus on ideals than to rely on being who one else wants to be.

Following the words of others even makes ourselves who we are not. It could be everything that other people want us to do. However, our lives are unlikely to be happy. Because, life goes under the control of other people’s comments. It must be bad.

Bodo really makes ourselves more what we are. There’s no need to ignore those who don’t like it. Life as it is is better for yourself. The meaning of your success should not be driven by the judgment of others.

Don’t waste energy just to face haters

Don't waste energy to face haters.
Don’t waste energy just to face the haters.

In cyberspace or real life, haters are endless. This dislike and loathing nature is already a mental illness that needs to be addressed. Therefore, bodo is very much an attitude of choice for the effectiveness of time. Imagine when you pay too much attention to them, you won’t focus on your own life.

In fact, which is more important, your life or the judgment of haters. It’s good to hear other people’s comments. However, the feedback should always be positive. In other words, never waste energy on people who don’t like us.

Working together is good, but character differences can trigger conflicts. As long as you are working properly, the hospital will provide reassurance. At its core, take advantage of time and energy in the right position.

Every one of your choices, you’ll be responsible yourself.

Life is a choice. The more mature a person is, he will be faced with a variety of options. It can be called every self we are free to decide which choice we want. Because of this too, one must be responsible for the condition of the self in question.

Live according to the plans or scenarios we create ourselves. In that scenario, a series of tasks and responsibilities must be fulfilled. The choices and decisions taken in each situation must also be accounted for.

Well, when you follow someone else’s comments too much it’s riskier. For the decision is not from you, but you must be held accountable. Therefore being bodo is very important.

Many People Love You More

Being stupid is very important because loved ones are more valuable.
Loved ones are more valuable.

Have you ever wondered why someone else who is no one should comment on your life. Yes, everyone is free to comment. However, don’t let the person’s comments drop you. It’s not good when you’re overthinking someone else’s opinion.

But, on the other hand, there are still so many people who love you. It’s family, for example. Growing up as a child with compassion you need to be appreciated. By looking at these loved ones to keep you focused on your purpose in life. Think that haters are the only one who has the potential to stop your move.

From now on focus on feedback and suggestions from loved ones. Of course they won’t take you for granted. In other words, support and advice are always given for your own good. For these dear people are in fact precious.

Well, now you’ve got enough reason to be a bodo, don’t you? Reconsider which talk makes you fall and which talk can spark your spirit. Set that bodo attitude to those who do not give you a better way.

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