Don’t Panic! Here’s a Powerful Earthquake Tips

Don't Panic! Here's a Powerful Earthquake Tips

Why is it highly recommended to know tips for dealing with earthquakes that can happen anytime and when someone is anywhere? As news some time ago, on Friday (15/01) yesterday. There is sad news that the earthquake from West Sulawesi is specifically in Mamuju district.

According to the Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, the earthquake that occurred in Mamuju district was at 6 kilometers of Majene sea. The depth is about 10 kilometers. They also added that the earthquake that occurred in mamuju district was derived from seismic activity. It is often termed as local faults that occur around the area.

Meanwhile, BMKG informed that from Thursday to Friday, there was considerable damage. There were also a number of fatalities. Even BMKG said that the magnitude of the earthquake was recorded at 6.2.

Understand Earthquake Damage

Understand Earthquake Damage
Understand Earthquake Damage

The first tip to deal with earthquakes is to always read the news related to this disaster to be more vigilant. As happened yesterday, this earthquake has a strength of up to 6.2 on the Richter Scale. Therefore, the force has damaged several buildings causing many fatalities.

According to BNPB, this earthquake caused severe damage that occurred in the vicinity of The Maleo Hotel. There is also damage in the office of the Governor of Sulbar to mamuju hospital. Even a convenience store building they reported had collapsed. The damage has caused power grids in the region to have reported blackouts.

Meanwhile, in Majene Regency, the earthquake has caused an avalanche. The landslide occurred at three points along the Majene-Mamuju axis. This is what caused the road access to be cut off.

In this area has been reported there are at least 300 units of houses severely damaged. The power grid is also experiencing problems. For the number of people displaced there are currently 15,000 people scattered in several surrounding villages. They evacuated several villages, namely Kota Tinggi Village, Lombong Village, Kayu Angin Village, Pecabean Village and Deking Village.

For some other residents have reportedly evacuated in a number of locations not far from Mekata Village, Kabiraan Village, Lembang Village, Lakkading Village, and Limbua Village in a sub-district in Ulumanda. There are also residents who are displaced in Malunda and Sendana subdistricts.

Possibilities and Facts About Being Squeezed During an Earthquake

Possibilities and Facts About Being Squeezed During an Earthquake
Possibilities and Facts About Being Squeezed During an Earthquake

The next tip for dealing with an earthquake is to understand the possibility of being crushed by rubble. As in a news story that gave a video of the Mamuju earthquake. In the video, a girl is seen trapped in the rubble of an earthquake in Majene, West Sulawesi.

In the 30-second video, a girl is seen trapped in the rubble while crying and asking the residents for help.

The video is the result of footage taken directly by local residents who were also affected by the earthquake. However, he survived the ruins of the building. The child’s face looks very limp and sheds tears.

Even though the video went viral, you don’t have to worry because after the video was uploaded on one of the social media. The child was saved by the locals.

Tips for Dealing with the Most Important Earthquakes

The main tips for dealing with earthquakes are to understand and recognize the types of earthquakes. Seeing the news that showed a child trapped in the rubble. You need to know some steps you can take before you face the natural disasters of earthquakes in your area.

But before you know what things you have to do to deal with earthquakes. It would be nice to know what an earthquake is about.

An earthquake itself is a vibration that occurs in the earth’s surface at a certain depth resulting in a shift in layers. These vibrations are the result of releasing energy from the inside which ultimately causes a wave to be seismic.

Earthquake itself is one of the natural disasters that become a subscription in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia itself is in the vicinity of the Pacific Ring of Fire area, this is why Indonesia will never escape the threat of natural disasters earthquakes.

Even according to records belonging to the National Disaster Management Agency or BNPB itself, there were at least 500 small-scale earthquake tremors that occurred in Indonesia in 2018.

Tips to Deal With Earthquakes So As Not to Panic

Tips to Deal With Earthquakes So As Not to Panic
Tips to Deal With Earthquakes So As Not to Panic

The occurrence of earthquakes can not be predicted before. Because no one knows when exactly the earth’s slab shift began. But there are several steps you can take when dealing with this natural disaster.

The next tip for dealing with an earthquake is to stay calm. Yes, the most important step you have to take in the face of an earthquake is to try to stay calm and not panic.

When you are inside the house, you can hide under the table by protecting the head using a bag or hand. Try not to approach items such as cabinets or breakable items. When the earthquake is over, you can get out of the house immediately.

Immediately get out of the room, when you are known to be in the middle of a tall building, try to get out of the building immediately. However, try not to use the elevator, use the emergency stairs as the safest means.

Things to Look For

Beware of skyscrapers, when you’ve made it out of the building. Try to find shelter such as a field away from tall buildings. This is because, you could be hit by the ruins of a building if it is in the middle of a tall building.

Be aware of aftershocks, the next step that is no less interesting is if the earthquake is felt to be over, remain alert to aftershocks. Because it could be that the vibration given from the aftershock scale can be higher than the first earthquake. If you are still near the house, immediately to turn off the stove and do not forget to cut off the electricity.

Tips for dealing with the next earthquake is not to forget to give news about the condition yourself, when you are already in a safe area. Don’t forget to let your closest relatives know about your status. In addition to making them relieved, this can help you to get help as soon as possible because they know about your current position.

Earthquakes are indeed one of the most scary natural disasters, but do not forget to keep yourself and those around you to be more aware when facing natural disasters Earthquakes.

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