Korean Drinks To Accompany Drakor Watch

Korean Drinks To Accompany Drakor Watch

For those of you who like Korean culture, definitely no stranger to Drakor which provides references to Korean-style food and beverages. Drakor itself stands for Korean drama that is currently becoming a talking point by the People of Indonesia.

Even the entertainment industry today is on average talking about Korean drama. Not only about the entertainment industry that is increasingly mushrooming, but also korean cuisine that is getting more attention by their fans.

Some popular culinary that appears in many Korean dramas. Soju is one of the most popular drinks you can find in Korean dramas. Soju has a unique and iconic packaging. However, fans of korean dramas claim to be unable to consume soju. That’s because most Indonesians are majority Muslim. There is a prohibition that does not allow the consumption of alcohol, while soju is an alcoholic beverage.

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Even so, for those of you who like drakor. There are some drinks that are typical of drakor that do not use ingredients such as alcohol so it is safe for you to consume while enjoying your favorite drama.

Banana Uyu, Korean Drink From Milk

Banana Uyu, Korean Drink From Milk
Banana Uyu, Korean Drink From Milk

At first glance, this drink is similar to Indonesian yogurt. In fact, this is a soft drink in the form of milk that has a banana flavor. It’s one of the drinks most korean drama fans see in drama series. Even this drink is often consumed by Korean artists as well.

This drink became very popular in south Korea. But over time the demand for fans outside Korea is very high. That’s why this dairy producer finally decided to make more of this dairy product so that you can drink not only in Korea but also other countries.

This milk has a mixture as follows skimmed milk powder, fruit flavoring, water, butter and cream, so for those of you who are afraid, do not worry because even though it is from Korea. This drink is safe for you to consume

Dalgona Coffee

This coffee drink went viral in mid-2020. People who were experiencing the psbb period at that time were vying to make the Indonesian-style Dalgona Coffe blend. But actually this coffee drink was popularized by one of the actors named Jung II Woo.

This drink is actually a typical South Korean snack made from sugar and baking soda. However, indonesian people modify it slightly by using ingredients such as milk mix coffee.

Well this drink is also safe when you are enjoying your favorite Korean movies or dramas. But you need to know not to consume it excessively yes. Because too much coffee can make the stomach feel uncomfortable.

Milkis, a Korean-Style Drink From Lotte Products

Milkis, a Korean-Style Drink From Lotte Products
Milkis, a Korean-Style Drink From Lotte Products

This canned drink has a concept that combines milk soda and yogurt. Milkis is one of lotte chilsung products. So, the dish is perfect for those who like soda-smelling products. But do not worry besides this drink is safe for you to consume, milkis also has many interesting variants namely the taste of mango, peach, banana, orange, apple, strawberry, and melon.

But unfortunately, this drink is not much in minimarkets in remote areas. This drink can only be found in malls or supermarkets in other major cities.

Sikhye, Healthy Traditional Drink

This drink is a typical Korean drink that is usually served in the form of soft drinks. This drink is made from fermented rice with yeast flour mixture.

It also has many benefits, one of which is to smooth the digestive tract. According to koreans themselves, the drink contains a lot of fiber and also antioxidants that are good for the body. Sikhye itself is usually served during celebratory holidays in Korea such as new year or other festivals.

This drink has a fairly sweet taste, perfect to accompany you to relax while watching your favorite drama. This drink can be found through several online shop sites that you trust at affordable prices.

Omija Cha, Korean Magnolia Tea

This drink’s other name is magnolia berry tea. The tea is a Korean-style drink made from dried magnolia. Omija itself has five flavors that are sweet, bitter, salty, sour and spicy. This tea can be made by boiling dried magnolia with water, do not forget to shrink the heat to be used earlier and then add honey for a better result.

Or if you have magnolia berry powder seeds, you can add them to the water to be able to be tea. This tea is usually consumed by Koreans with honey, green bean powder, flower petals and other important ingredients. This drink is not often you can buy freely at a minimarket or supermarket. So for those of you who want to enjoy it. You can order through your favorite market platform in the form of instant packaging

Korean Drinks From Corn, Oksusu Cha

Korean Drinks From Corn, Oksusu Cha
Korean Drinks From Corn, Oksusu Cha

Traditional beverages are made from corn typical of South Korea. Yes, this drink is a tea mixed with corn kernels. So it’s not really tea. However it is a brew of vegetable ingredients combined with tea. This tea is not only delicious to be your snack companion but also claimed to be good to be consumed for the sake of body health.

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It has a lot of usefulness. Such as the content of carbohydrates, vitamin C and even foats in corn tea is signaled to stabilize sugar in the blood.

So many drinks that are not only safe for your consumption but also efficacious for your body.

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