Experiencing Writer Block? Here are 5 Ways to Find Ideas For You Content Writer

how to find ideas while being writer block

How are you, the content writer? During this pandemic the idea of writing it ngalir or often experienced writer block? The atmosphere at home that gets bored sometimes makes you die of ideas huh? There is no denying that is often a problem for content writers, namely looking for writing ideas.

Actually writing should not be forced. Because, for example, forced continuously, one’s creativity in writing may decrease. However, it is different for those of you who are in the field of writing and content creation.

Finding ideas and providing stimulus to them becomes a daily habit. Even so, in fact finding an idea is quite difficult if we are experiencing writer block or deadlock of ideas. However, buddy just calm down, here we will share tips to find ideas for you the content writer who is experiencing writer block.

Browse the Bookshelf and Read Books

First, to find an idea of one of the ways it is done by reading. Who doesn’t know this activity? One activity that from school has been introduced, even asked to be addicted to the activity.

Well reading this could be a way of bringing up ideas. For example, when you accidentally find a particular topic in a book. Suddenly you find the topic interesting. Finally, you are encouraged to know more about the topic.

Here you start to browse what topics can be written from the topic. Well began to create the idea of a writing. All you need to do next is capture the idea and then outline the writing so you don’t forget what you want to raise. Steady!!

Social media as a storehouse looking for ideas

Who here doesn’t have social media? In today’s sophisticated and digital age, social media is a must-have. For a simple example, when you apply for a job, some rekruiter asks about your social media. Well the function of social media here can be branding yourself.

Meanwhile, there are many other social media functions, which you should use wisely, man! Well to do with finding out what the hell’s the idea? You certainly see a lot of content posted on social media every day. From the content of course many types of discussion and how to package it.

When you’re stuck with an idea, you can search for topic references from social media. For example, when you use instagram platform, you can use hashtags to make searching easy.

In addition, you can also take advantage of trending topics in twiter if it is relevant to the theme of the discussion in your writing. There is much more content on social media that can be a stimulus to creative ideas. Try it!

Share experiences and knowledge from online courses

Activities at home alone make us adapt a lot to online media. Starting from school, college, to work, the use of online platforms is very familiar with us.

In the media, many self-development courses are offered. Nowadays these online courses look very interesting. This is due to the large number of agencies that organize courses for free. In addition, due to its online nature, we do not have to bother coming to the course.

Well the science of the online course can be reshared through writing, it is a kind of notulensi, but packed with interactive language. Well try to review what online classes you have participated in and review the material in the form of writing. This becomes one way to look for ideas. Worth a try!

Watch the little things in your life

Throughout your life, of course, there are many experiences that you have gained. Imagine when you are a child, entering the world of school, college, or the world of work, there must be a lot of life lessons that you get.

Although you may not have been able to take wisdom on the story, but try to look again. Wisdom can often be learned after we think. It is through this thought process that you can also find content ideas.

Take a look at the little things in your life. It can also be about hobbies or reasons you do something. It seems like the topic is also interesting to discuss. By observing the things around us, hopefully it can be a solution when experiencing a deadlock of ideas.

Oh yes, you can also record the ideas you’ve found. Calculate as a backup idea that you can use when you are experiencing writer block. In essence, catch the idea first, tie it in the form of notes so as not to forget, then develop. That way you can also sort out which idea you’re using at the right time. This can increase the value of your content!

Discuss old topics with topic updates or additional discussions

The last way to find ideas is to try to connect old topics. Have you ever written anything? Take a look and reread your writing. Usually after reading personal writing, you will feel that the writing is still lacking. Finally you can do the content development.

That is, if you’re confused about an idea, re-read your previous writing. For example, it needs to be deepened, you can give the topic a continuation. In addition, you can also search for new topics that are still relevant to the previous topic. Take note of the keywords you use, usually related to each other.

Well that’s five tips to find ideas for you content writer. When experiencing a deadlock of ideas or writer blocks, try applying a number of tips above yuk. Or if you have other tips can share in the comments field yes!

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