Facts and Myths About Rabbits


This sweet tonggos-toothed animal is often associated with luck. There are magazines that make rabbits look like mascots. Not a few are fond of being pets.

Mammals of the family Leporidae. The animal itself is broken down into 2 types universally, there are wild rabbits as well as pets. Distinguished from the type of fur, long and short hair with a yellowish pattern that when in the cold to change to gray.

In Indonesia, it is known since the Dutch arrived to Indonesia in 1835. That’s why the word ‘rabbit’ itself comes from the Dutch language ‘konijntje’ which means ‘rabbit child’. Meanwhile, in fact there has been in Indonesia for a long time is in Sumatra spoken Sumatran rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri).

Animals that have a life span of 5-10 years are widely farmed in Lembang like ornamental livestock. What is not sold is like ornamental cattle to be sold meat. Fans of animal meat is not a little, As in Lembang and Sumedang, rabbit satay is a favorite of consumers.

Not a few myths follow. What are they? Let’s distinguish between facts and myths about this cute animal.

Rabbit Facts and Myths

Holding a very fit Rabbit is in his ear.

In fact, rabbit ears are very sensitive. There it is connected to the nerves because it is close to the head. This animal gets pressured and feels pain when humans pull their ears.

Rabbit hearing is very sharp

Because his hearing is so sharp, so there is no need to turn his head back to recognize what is behind them.

Record breaker

The animal that can break the record for the highest jump is 1 m high and the furthest jump is 3 m. The longest rabbit is 31.125 inches in North America.

Maintained in the United States White House

Yes, President Lincoln handed out permits to his children to keep these cute animals in the United States White House. Wow, great!

Fantastic chewing speed

Facts and Myths Surrounding Rabbits

Rabbit teeth are like trade-marks. Yes, because of the shape of the teeth. This animal is able to chew a meal 120 times per minute!

Giving birth to 20- 40 toddlers per year

It is indeed popular with its large population speed. Animals that are able to give birth to up to 40 toddlers per year. imagine!

Can get osteoporosis disease

Don’t think only humans can get bone disease. If rabbits lack movement, they can face bone loss. Therefore, this animal is obliged to move minimun 4 hours a day.

Love the vegetables, which have been a bit wilted

Do you understand that rabbits love vegetables, which have been a bit withered? Please point your hand at who is so unfortunately in this animal, to the point of justifying the mandatory vegetables are very fresh?

Compulsory mating at cold temperatures

Rabbits can in fact adjust to their environment. However, the temperature of the surrounding area affects the success of the marriage, especially in hot areas. Do you understand that the very good time to perform a marriage is at a time when the cold temperatures are 6- 8 am or 6-8 pm?

Rabbit Cubs are kept secret by their mother

These cubs are generally kept secret by their mother in the bushes to keep away from predators. They also continue to sleep until awakened by their mother. Generally these animals feed on their offspring once a day.

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For you fans of this animal hopefully can continue to be understanding the facts about rabbits. Is there a desire to raise or nurture it? Let’s share the unique reality of this unique and cute animal.

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