Unique Facts About Falling In Love

Unique Facts About Falling In Love

Have you ever heard of falling in love with millions? yes that’s true and if you’ve ever fallin in love then you’ll feel the same way. This has been confirmed through various research conducted by scientists. Not only that, there are some unique things caused by falling in love.

Here are some Unique Facts About Love quoted from the Huffington Post:

Falling in Love makes you stupid

Studies conducted by Leiden Balanda university have proven that the statement of love that makes fools is true. The reason is because the person who is in love can not concentrate well, he only thinks about his partner. It makes him not focused on doing things.

Blinding love

This statement is evidenced by the results of research from Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in the US. The study found that the nerves of people who fall in love are exposed to addictive substances such as drugs. “You will feel excessive hangovers and pleasure, the same feelings caused by psychotropic substances in cocaine” explained Dr.Lucy Brown Professor of Neurology Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Love makes you stronger

If you’re sick, try forgetting painkillers and try to fall in love. Because when fallin in love the brain will secrete hormones that will reduce pain. There is no need for surgery and just holding hands the pain will disappear.

Love makes men walk slower

The next strange thing is that men will walk in accordance with their partners, different things to do if walking with their female friends.

Falling in Love blind

Love is blind, it may be true because the person who is fallingin in love will not see if his partner is attractive or not. Though people think his partner is not suitable for him but he ignores it.

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Maybe you can share a unique fact about the other love you’ve ever felt?

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