Unique Facts That a Cat Has

Unique Facts That a Cat Has

Cats are one of the animals that have a lot of fans. However, a person’s penchant for cats is driven more by a sense of awe or gemes of the cuteness of the fanged animal. Many of the cat enthusiasts are actually less aware of the special characteristics of cats. Well, here are some special features of cats that you can know:

1. Mark With Urine

Cats have a habit of marking their territory with their urine. The urine mark seemed to leave a message to other cats that they should stay away from areas that had been marked with urine.

2. Cat Teeth

The cat’s permanent teeth consist of 30 pieces, namely 12 incisors found on the front of the mouth, 4 canines, and molars that are tasked to make food small so that it is easy to swallow. While incisors and fangs in cats function in capturing and tearing prey or food.

3. Metabolism in Cats

Cats have metabolic similarities with dogs, so it can be said that the metabolic rate is faster than in humans. Must have something in common with dogs, but cats have a longer life period when compared to dogs. The life age of a cat can reach 20 years.

4. Cat Skin

Cat skin is more sensitive than human skin. Therefore, the use of products for cat skin is a product that is formulated for pets,not using products for humans, because there is a possibility that it is not suitable and will instead cause problems.

5. Cat Fur

Fur in cats mainly serves to protect sensitive cat skin, be it from sunlight, cold, scratches / scratches, and insect bites. In addition, cat fur also plays a role in regulating or maintaining body temperature and supporting the sensitivity of touch. Cat fur can also experience loss. It’s a natural thing, because it happens naturally. It’s just that, the speed of loss can vary, and it is affected by the climate, nutrition, and health condition of the cat itself.

6. Senses That Cats Have

The senses that cats have
Village Kitten

Like humans, cats also have 5 senses, some of which we review as below.

The cat’s sense of hearing. Cats have very sensitive hearing compared to humans. In fact, when compared to dogs, a cat’s hearing is sharper. The ducts in a cat’s ears are deeper than those of humans and contain fluids that play an important role in maintaining the balance of their bodies. A cat’s body balance is developing very well, so they can always determine the position of their body in the correct position. Therefore, every time a cat is thrown into the air, it will definitely land on its feet.

The cat’s sense of sight. Compared to dogs, a cat’s vision is more detailed. His good vision ability helps cats in the process of hunting their prey, even at night. In fact, in an environment with dim light, cats are able to see 6 times better than humans. No doubt, cats are often said to be able to see in the dark.

The Cat’s Sense of Smell. Unlike the senses of hearing and sight, a cat’s smell is no better than that of a dog. In his life, cats do not rely too much on their sense of smell. In enjoying its food, cats rely on their sense of smell. This also happens in humans who rely on the aroma of food in the process of receiving it. Cats that lose the ability to sniff odors may stop eating, due to a loss of appetite stimulation derived from their sense of smell.

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