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Azalea flower is a type of prune ornamental plant that can release flower buds on each twig, which is a type of pruning plant that can be formed according to the wishes.

in addition, the number of flower buds produced is very much because it can issue flowers on each twig

some people who have bought ornamental plants azaleas have asked us some things that the question has not been responded to include:

  • What is a round azalea?
  • What is the difference between a round azalea and azalea that is not round? and is there a difference in flowering?
  • How to care for azaleas?
  • How to remove flowers on azalea plants?


basically there is no difference between round Azalea ornamental plants and non-round azalea ornamental plants, which is the difference here is from the method of planting.

round azaleas are planted in a grouping formed in a round, square or oval

Azaleas that are not round are unit-grown azaleas that can be later formed in round, square or oval. depending on how to improvise it, this is because azaleas are a type of pruning plant that can be formed at will.

Differences between round and un-rounded azaleas

perhaps this answer could be the conclusion to the question above

what distinguishes between round and non-round azaleas is from the method of planting and improvising growers, which usually this plant is more accentuated than the flower buds and more often used for garden components, even being one of the characteristics of japanese gardens.

Round azaleas are more often planted in pot containers.

in flowering there is absolutely no significant difference, the difference is from the time and period of the process.

Usually round azaleas are slower to flower, because they are often trimmed, as is the case with azaleas that are not round faster in the flowering process, this is because it is rarely trimmed.

in other words:

different from the two criteria of the flower lies in the treatment.

How to care for azaleas

Azalea Round
Round Azalea Flowers

Some opinions have suggested that azaleas are very difficult to care for, or maybe some of you may also have experienced failure, therefore since there is a role that comes in then loper will give little information on how to care for this ornamental plant properly and correctly

Here’s the description:

Azaleas come from the land of cherry blossoms, but now it has been widely cultivated in various regions, especially the city of Bandung more precisely in the flower garden of cihideung village

for areas other than bandung the flower does seem very spoiled, even difficult to maintain, according to some sources on the internet, but the more days the fans are increasingly becoming even in Jakarta there is a yard filled with azalea seedlings. from it proves that this type of plant is easy to adapt.

Azalea planting media

the most influential factors to the growth of ornamental plants, especially azelea flowers found in the planting media is usually acidic planting media with a size of PH 4.5-5.55, or simply humus planting media is not suitable for such plants

if farmers are dibandung can use the media of planting husks by mixing some 30% fertile soil and organic fertilizer

to know:

do not use too much humus planting media let alone a smooth, if indeed you want to use the planting media multiply using a rough, because if too much use of planting medium humu smooth will result in water does not flow well.

How to water

Azaleas require adequate water intake, at least 1 day 1 time.


do not directly give water to the azaleas excessively. Give enough water intake is the most important routine.

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How to remove flowers on azalea plants?

actually azalea plants can release flowers naturally, namely: in the dry season, but if you want to impose, loper will provide some easy ways to practice

  • reduce water discharge
  • use flowering fertilizer

#Kurangi water discharge

the first way is to reduce the discharge of water given to azaleas, Logically in each dry season the plant will definitely issue a lot of flowers

simply increase the level of tugensi that can provoke flowering, but you should also know the impact of reducing water discharge, which will make the leaves fall out a little so be careful using the first way.

#gunakan flowering fertilizer

the 2nd way is to use flowering fertilizer, this may be an alternative for beginners because this alternative will not leave a negative impact

Brand recommendations: Goldstar or growmore flowers

So, which method do you prefer?

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