Wet Cat Food vs Dry Cat Food, Which is Best?

Wet Cat Food vs Dry Cat Food

Who doesn’t want their cat to be healthy? All cat lovers want their beloved cats to be healthy, right? His name is also cat lovers ( Cat Lovers ), not cat lovers name if you want the cat to get sick.

Speaking of healthy cats, there are many factors that can affect the health of cats, one of which is in terms of food. There’s black there’s white, there’s good there’s bad. Cat food is like that, some are good for cats, and some are not good for cats.

Good cat food will have a good impact on the cat itself, cat fur is good, cats can be fat and others. As for cat food that is not good will have the opposite impact. A good cat food is cat food that contains the nutrients that the cat itself needs.

Cat food itself is divided into two types, there is wet cat food (Wat Food or Cannned Food) and Dry Cat Food (Dry Food). Brands and prices are very diverse, there are royal canin cat food, Pro Plan, Equilibrio, Sheba, Whiskas, Eureka, Friskies, Nutri Source, Pet Forest, Star Pro, Me-o, Maxi, Blackwood and many more. For the price of cat food itself is very diverse, there is a price of cheap cat food to the price of the most expensive cat food, all depending on the size, quality and type. In terms of the type there are kitten, adult, and various cat foods.

Back to wet and dry cat food, for those of you who are still beginners in keeping cats may ask, which is good cat food? Wet cat food or dry cat food?

For more details, here are the advantages of dry cat food and excess wet cat food.

Wet Cat Food vs Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food contains water as much as 8 – 10%. This type of cat food is generally made by extrusion of meat using pressure and also high temperatures.

In terms of price, the price of dry cat food is much cheaper than other types of cat food. In addition, other excess dry cat food is very good for the health of your cat’s teeth.

Dry cat food is not easily damaged and also the taste can last for the next few days even though it is left in a bowl.

Many cat lovers out there argue that dry cat food can help their beloved cats in preventing tartar deposits.

Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food contains 75-78% %. This food is available in various sizes. There are sizes of 85 Grams (3 Ounces), 156 Grams (5.5 Ounces) and 369 grams (13 Ounces). Not only packaged in cans, but wet food is also packed with foil plastic. In terms of price, the price of wet food depends on size, brand and quality.

Wet cat food is made from very quality meat, making it by grinding, mixed, after which it is ground.

Because it contains a very high water content, then this wet cat food is very good for health, but not good for your cat.

When compared to dry cat food, this type of wet cat food can reduce the problem of urination, kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, constipation in your cat because the water content in wet cat food is very high. Regarding wet food that is good for cats is wet food that contains the nutrients that cats need.

That’s a brief explanation of wet and dry cat food. Do you think good cat food is dry or wet? Please let me know through comments.

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