Good and Healthy Golden Retriever Dog Food

Golden Retriever Dog Food

Golden Retriever Dog Food – Dogs are the most loyal animals to their owners. In addition to having the ability to protect their owners, dogs can also be ornamental animals. We can find out from the many types of animals that are priced at a high price. One of them is a Golden Retriever dog. Golden Retriever is a breed of dog with a high price. All you need to know is that the more expensive the type of dog you have, then the treatment will also be super expensive as well.

Unlike other types of dogs, golden retriever dogs are smarter dogs. Therefore, this animal is priced very expensive than other types of friends. This dog's cleverness is often shown in Hollywood films that have circulated such as Air Bud (1997). In the film Air Bud, a Golden Retriever named Buddy is able to shoot like professional basketball athletes do. Do you think this dog's intelligence? In addition, this Golden Retriever type of dog is also often made a sniffer dog.

By having good ability and high memory, this animal also needs good care as well. For lopers who are still confused in choosing the type of food for this Golden Retriever dog, Lopers will give some of his tips. Well, let's take a look at the following review.

Choosing food for the Golden Retriever dog breed is a type of Dog Food. This dog food can be purchased at petshops in the home area. Dog Food also has several types that can be consumed such as Dog Food which offers vitamins and calcium and others.

Like humans, golden retrievers also have a period of growth. The growth period of this expensive dog is from the age of 0 to 2 years, while more than 2 years this dog is already an adult. Feeding for this dog also differs based on their age and condition.

For dogs that are still in the growth stage that is 0 to 2 years can choose a special type of food for puppies that have been available in petshops. In addition, it must also provide vitamins, especially calcium so that the growth of golden retrievers is better. The type of vitamin that can be given can be in the form of tablets so that it can be determined by the puppy. In addition, lopers can also vary their food with boiled eggs, milk and given a little honey. Feeding this variation can be done if the beloved dog so as not to vomit or even snout. In addition, lopers can also provide food in the form of meat or boiled beef innards.

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Feeding for adult Golden Retriever dogs over 2 years of age is slightly different. Lopers are better off stopping the administration of calcium, because at this age the Golden Retriever will not experience growth and development again. Give food in the form of beef or fresh beef innards. This feed can be given in raw or mature conditions. Give this dog as much as 2 kg of meat a day, this is because golden retriever dogs are large dogs. In addition, the provision of variations with boiled eggs can also be as long as it does not cause the dog to vomit or snout.

If the Golden Retriever is pregnant or breastfeeding, then give food with a higher level of nutritional content. Lopers can provide a special type of Dog Food Premium special for pregnant or breastfeeding parents.

The last stage that lopers can give to keep your beloved Golden Retriever dog healthy and fit, give the vaccine every 1 year. The vaccine aims to improve the health and endurance of golden retriver in several vitamins so that the dog is not affected by the disease.

Hopefully with the golden retriever dog food tips can help in caring for Golden Retriever dogs, especially in terms of food.

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