Homemade Dog Food or Dog Foods

Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food

Our pet dogs need adequate nutritional intake to support their growth, providing good nutritional intake is very instrumental in shaping the anatomy of a good dog.

Currently there are 2 types of dog food that we can provide for our beloved dogs, namely homemade dog food and ready-to-eat dog food. Each of these types of dog food has its drawbacks and advantages, for it we ourselves determine which dog food we will give.

Advantages of Ready-To-Eat Dog Food :

More Practical.

We don’t have to waste any more time cooking because the dog food purchased is ready to serve and can be stored for a long period of time.

Nutrition Measure is right.

We don’t have to count how much protein, fat, or carbohydrates are right for the dog. There are many options for puppies to older dogs as well as the breed.

Complete Nutrition

Dog food is ready to serve even though low quality already has complete nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and other substances needed by dogs. No additional food or additional supplements are required when not recommended by a veterinarian.

Shortage of Ready-To-Eat Dog Food :

Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food


Ready-to-eat dog food is usually packed in sizes 500 Gr to 25 Kg. For the smallest packaging usually the price of perkilo will be more expensive than the perkilo price of the packaging 25 Kilograms.

Chemical Contamination

In order to maintain the nutrients contained in dog food, preservatives are needed. Chemical preservatives will interfere with the health of dogs for a long period of time. Dogs that consume dog food with chemical preservatives (generally) will suffer from various diseases such as cancer or tumors in their old age.

Homemade Dog Food usually consists of a mixture of meat, vegetables, and carbohydrate sources such as rice, potatoes, or corn. Some also give human leftovers to their dogs.

Advantages of Homemade Dog Food :


To meet the nutritional needs of an adult Rottweiler dog it takes at least 1 Kg of chicken or beef every day. At least it can be calculated the cost that must be incurred each day to keep an adult Rottweiler dog. Even so, it’s cheaper than the price of a ready-to-eat Dog Food perkilogram.

Lack of Homemade Dog Food :

Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food


Dog food must be prepared in advance from the place of meat or vegetables to the process of harvesting that takes less time.

Unbalanced nutrition

Maybe we can think, our dog nutrition has been fulfilled by giving a considerable amount of meat but the dog needs not only nutrients from meat but also from vegetables and carbohydrates. Not to mention the count of protein, fat, calories, carbohydrates and so on. The nutritional needs of dogs vary greatly depending on age, breed, activity, and more.

Care and maintenance such as exercise and nutrition are very instrumental in shaping the anatomy of a good dog. Dogs that have a special genetic or bloodline will not grow properly when exercise and nutrition are given poorly. Now the choice is in our hands, Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food for your pet

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