Have an ISTP Personality? You Should Know This

ISTP Personality

Did you find out about istp personality in MBTI test? This test is a special personality test with a specific approach. Katharine Cook Briggs and her son in 1942 who developed it.

MBTI stands for Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. This test refers to a person’s personality which is very diverse. The goal is for people to better recognize themselves and be able to know what fits their personality.

Previously, we have known introverts and extroverts to define one’s personality. However, the elements in mbti assessment are more numerous and produce 16 different personality types. The personality dimension elements are Introversion (I) vs Extraversion (E), Intuitive (N) vs Sensory (S), Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F), and Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P). Although there are 16 personalities included in this test, this article will focus on ISTP Personality.

There are several ISTP characters, including Michael Jordan, Frida Kahlo, James Dean, Tom Cruise, and many other characters. People with this personality are likely to make up 4-6 percent of the world’s entire population.

Differences between ISTP-T and ISTP-A

Differences between ISTP-T and ISTP-A
Differences between ISTP-T and ISTP-A

The letters that make up ISTP are the dimensions of personality elements that exist in a person. The letter I represents Interoversion is the dimension of the energy source. S represents Sensory is a dimension of how one understands information from the outside. T represents Thinking is a dimension of the way a person makes decisions. P represents Perceiving is a dimension that indicates a lifestyle.

From these personality elements, we can deduce how a person lives his or her life. A person who has ISTP test results has the opportunity to become ISTP-T or ISTP-A.

The back letter separate from this test which is always A or T indicates the type of personality. The difference between ISTP-A and ISTP-T is quite a big difference from each other. A which means Asertif means that ISTP-A is an emotionally stable but assertive person. T which means Turbulence has the meaning that the person is a perfectionist, cares about the judgment of others, even races to success.

Characteristics of People With ISTP Personality

Characteristics of People With ISTP Personality
Characteristics of People With ISTP Personality

If you test your personality through MBTI, the actual results may be different in the future. This is because this test only takes samples from the current personality. As we know that humans are dynamic beings so it is constantly changing.

However, if you are a person with an ISTP personality at the moment, it is worth paying attention to some details in life. Details like career, romance, weaknesses, even the advantages you have.

1. Advantages of ISTP

ISTP is a personality that is categorized as a Virtuoso. This personality has the advantage of his always optimistic and energetic attitude. It makes istp personality always be a good and cheerful person that makes him rarely feel stressed in work.

This personality is also quite creative. He easily came up with unique ideas and was happy to realize them. This attitude is also balanced by his spontaneous attitude to make him a flexible and versatile individual.

2. Disadvantages of ISTP

The advantages of ISTP actually have an adverse impact on itself and others. With creative and optimistic ideas make this type of personality become a selfish person. He is often irritated by the criticism others have made.

His personality is able to produce new things as if unbalanced by his habits that are easily bored. His idealism became a boomerang that made him feel the idea he was making was too difficult to realize. This attitude makes ISTP a person who cannot commit in one way.

3. Istp Personality Love Relationship

Although a person with an ISTP personality type lacks in commitment to work, in fact he is not a person who cannot be faithful.

The personality of ISTP is a person with a free widely thought and does not want restraint. He wants his partner to allow him to be himself because pretending to him is an inconvenience. That’s why people with this personality are so good at self healing.

ISTP is not a person who feels at home lingering with discomfort. ISTP can leave their partner at will and forget about it if he does not like it.

4. ISTP Personality in Friendship

Making friends with this personality is actually easy for you to understand, but it’s hard for you to do. Not without reason, because istp personality is a dynamic person so making friends with him needs extra understanding.

5. Become a Parent

As a parent, ISTP is a parent who gives their child the freedom to choose. However, he will be confused if their child is lazy and does nothing. ISTP is a parent who hopes their child uses their free time wisely.

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6. Career Journey

People with ISTP personalities are generalists. this personality likes to learn new things rather than pursue the same thing. This type of personality was born to solve problems through practical solutions. Courses that are suitable with ISTP are mechanical engineering, graphic design, or forensic scientists.

7. The Working Rhythm of ISTP Personality

This personality type is an unpredictable figure. It is a dynamic person who is initially energetic and subject to change at any time. This is certainly an interesting thing for families and work environments. However, for people who are new to ISTP can be a dizzying thing.

Try To Stay Focused

Stay Focused ISTP
Try To Stay Focused

An ISTP who has dynamic thinking in his life needs to find focus. He may find stumbling blocks in terms of maintaining his obligations, but try to survive. People with this type of personality need to improve through strengthening in their weaknesses.

ISTP also needs to determine its focus map. He should know his goals before looking further on how to achieve the goal.

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