Here are 5 Advantages Of Introverts You Should Know!

Here are 5 Advantages Of Introverts You Should Know!

There are so many assumptions about introverted personalities. Many people think that people with introverted personalities are anti-social, shy, have few friends, and are unfriendly. Is that true? What exactly is an introverted personality like? What are the advantages of introverts?

According to Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of The Introvertes Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strenght, introverts are people who gain strength from spending time alone. This is what causes misunderstandings in society, thus giving rise to the view that introverts are anti-social people.

In a study, people with this personality took a little longer to process information than extrovertedpeople. This is because they process such information more deeply than extroverts.

They spend more time processing an idea before switching to a new idea. This also includes their advantages, well here are some of the advantages of the introvert that you should know.

They Are Good Listeners

According to the author of The Introvert Enterprenuer, Beth Buelow, they have a natural nature as active listeners. According to him, people with this personality tend to be friends or colleagues who can be contacted when happy or sad. Another advantage is that in addition to hearing they will also understand and give carefully considered insights when responding to information.

They’ll Think Before They Act

Usually, they feel more comfortable listening than talking. According to Beth Buelo, people with such personalities tend to use the word wisely. They’ll only talk when they want to talk.

Not only that, they also take longer to consider their ideas and words. Skills like this are very useful in digital media. Because they tend to choose the right things to upload and are able to communicate and control social media wisely.

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Other Introverts’ Advantages Are Observant And Conscientious

Another advantage is that they like to observe, they can find things that most people may not notice. Although they look relaxed, they actually absorb the information provided and think critically. They also recognize the environment with observance, in addition they are also used to paying attention to a person’s expression and body language. So they have better personal communication skills.

They Can Be Quality Friends

Introverted people usually feel more tired when they are around others, which is why they will have friends wisely. They prefer to have some trusted close friends to save energy and time, rather than an extensive network of friends. So they have a more committed, caring and loyal friendship environment.

Another Advantage of Intovert Is a Romantic Couple

Another advantage is that they can feel if their partner wants a privacy space, not always together or too much in maintaining a relationship. They always take the time to listen and support their partner without having to talk about themselves.

Actually, all personalities have their own advantages, the important thing is to manage them into positive things that do not bother themselves. So by recognizing the advantages of introverts, owners of these personalities can know that they also have the potential to develop and get better.

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