How Hollywood Celebs Get Around Their Body Deficiencies

How Hollywood Celebs Get Around Their Body Deficiencies

No one is perfect, even Hollywood celebs have flaws in their bodies. It’s a world they’re in demanding to always perform perfectly. Instead of changing what has been set on their bodies, these celebs prefer to get around it. However, before discussing the 5 celebs below, let’s take a little tip for you, to be more confident loving your body.

Lots of smiles

Everyone has a beautiful smile. A smile is a positive aura for both yourself and those who see it. Smile is an advantage that anyone has. A smile is the easiest way to tell others that you also have advantages.

Accentuating talent

Your body isn’t as beautiful as the models. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be like those who are talented. Instead of being busy complaining, it’s better to assing out the talent that’s in you. If you are confident in your own abilities, then usually confidence will appear by itself. There will be no more sense of minder just because it doesn’t have a near-perfect body like the models.

Here are hollywood celebs who also have flaws but prefer to be positive personal and unyielding to accentuate talent. Love your body like they are, yes!

1. Taylor Swift

The height of this singer exceeds the height of women in general, 180 cm. Taylor usually outsmarts by wearing bold prints or unique cutting on her clothes. So, the eyes of the bees are not focused on his long legs. In addition, Taylor also has a “problem” with her hair that curls really well. For this, Taylor instead spruced it up by using curling iron so as not to look messy. “If in the morning my hair is really messy. I’m going to roll it with curling iron to keep the curls well organized,” he said.

2. Meghan Trainor

She’s one of hollywood celebs who makes us not ashamed to have a curvy body. Instead of going on an extreme diet, the All About That Bass singer advises just being confident by maximizing appearance with a curvy body. That is, by using clothes that can accentuate the curvy side of our body. In addition, Meghan now prefers to perform with natural makeup. I saw Jessie J who looked beautiful and perfect with her simple makeup. Since then I’ve chosen to stop using excessive makeup and afterwards I feel more confident,” she said.

3. Ariana Grande

She played in the television series Sam & Cat from 2013 to 2014 yesterday, causing Ariana grande to bleach anddye her hair red so that she now suffers from loss and severe damage to her hair. “I ended up wearing ponytail-shaped hair extention. Annoying,yes, seeing my hair model it like that keeps on. I’ve tried wearing a wig but it looks ridiculous. I do this to let my hair grow normally and healthily. It may take a long time, but it doesn’t matter,” said the petite woman.

4. Becky G

Becky G admits to not being confident with her eyes. That’s why, if she has to get out of the house she always wears eye makeup. “I really like wearing eyeliner because it makes my eyes look more alive,” Becky G is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Real-name woman Rebecca Marie Gomez,

Hollywood Celeb
Becky G

5. Lorde

This unique-faced singer tends to have pale skin. So it’s no wonder that she is a lover of smoky makeup to be able to accentuate her beautiful face. “I love purple lipstick, so there are a lot of those types of colored lipsticks that I have,” says Lorde, who also always wears this five-layer lipstick. In addition to makeup,Lorde also has tricks to keep her curled and inflated hair looking neat. Lorde always uses conditioners,after which she will keep her hair quiet without being combed. “That way my hair looks neat and natural,” explained the New Zealand girl.

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