Home Décor To Make Families Feel More At Home During The Pandemic

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone spends more time doing activities at home such as decorating their homes because they have to follow government policies. Too often at home it sometimes makes us saturated because every day we meet the same look. Therefore, something new is needed so that we as homeowners feel at home lingering without having to think about refreshing.

There is one way that can be done so that our family feels at home is to redecorate the look of our home. Although doing minimalist home décor, it is very helpful to create a new home atmosphere and of course calm, comfortable, and cool. Well for that, let’s take a peek at the tips below that you can make a reference to change the look of the house with a new atmosphere. Listen yes

1. Decorating the room of the house with some flowers and plants

Home Room Interior Decoration

Decorating the house by adding some flowers and plants can create a fresh atmosphere and make the house look more alive. You can put plants with a fairly large size in some corners of the room and do not forget on the living room table put a small vase of flowers to beautify the room.

You can use fake flowers or artificial plants to be used for a long time. Finding fake flowers or artificial plants today is very easy. All you have to do is choose what flowers or plants to add as decorations.

2. Place scented candles in the house

home décor
Home décor with candles

Putting scented candles in the house can create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Candlelight and the scent that is emitted make all thoughts seem to disappear. Therefore, look for candles with scents that can create a warm and calm atmosphere. You can choose the scent of lavender or rosemary.

3. Change The Interior Decoration of the House Room

Home Room Interior Decoration
Home Room Decoration

In order for the family to feel at home, you can consider redecorating the interior design of the room. Here you can rearrange the furniture in the house with a new position. Suppose you want to have an open living room, then you can rearrange the sofa and table in another position to make the room look more spacious. You can find other ways to readjust to keep things organized, fresh and looking new.

4. Turn the Home Décor of an empty space into a comfortable work space

workspace room decoration

In this pandemic, many people work from home or work from home. For those who are used to the office, maybe working from home will be difficult. Therefore, if there is an unused room, turn it into a comfortable workspace. Add work desks, work lamps, and places to store stationery as well as places to store files.

You can add artificial plants in the corner of the room to create a fresh atmosphere. Decorate the workspace with wallpapers to beautify the room while adding spirit when we take the view from the laptop screen.

5. Dispose of unnecessary items

Want a neat and simple home look, wear the items you use and dispose of unnecessary items. It also aims to minimize the items that are in a room in the house so that the house will not look excess items.

Usually we often accumulate goods have not been used for a long time, even often we forget if we have the item. Well, while you are at home, choose the necessary items because it is guaranteed that the house will be neat and also clean. If it’s not thrown away, you can keep it in the warehouse.

6. Makeover room with aesthetic concept

home room decoration
Home Room Decoration

Doing a room makeover is one of the things that makes us feel at home. You can change the design of the room and change the room paint with bright colors can be a solution because it provides a fresh atmosphere. Don’t forget to add wallpapers to beautify your home décor.

Currently, room decoration using aesthetic concept is going viral on social media. A lot of content on Youtube presents a video about the makeover of a room with an aestethic concept to get a comfortable room atmosphere and certainly suitable to be used as a photo background. Aesthetic concept that is again the current trend is to change the design of the room with the appearance of monochrome colors such as gray, black and white ranging from walls to items to be used.

7. Turn useless items into new items

home décor

This activity is called DIY where we make our own goods based on creativity without the help of others. We can use used goods to make new stuff. For example we can make use of used ice cream sticks to make photo frames, lamps and wall clocks and other used items.

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With this of course we will get two advantages that can train creativity in ourselves and also we can use these items to decorate the room of the house.

8. Home Terrace Decoration with the concept of living wall

home décor
Home Patio Decoration

Nowadays there are many types of plants that have strong stems and ratings and dense leafy. This type of plant is usually used for living walls. To change the atmosphere, you can use this type of plant to beautify the walls in the place of relaxing in the house. Add it by placing tables and chairs that fit the concept used.

Thus, your family can relax and enjoy the cool atmosphere produced by the plants on the walls. But do not forget to always take care of it so that the leaves remain neat and pleasant to look at.

9. Decorate the abandoned patio walls

home décor
Home Wall Decoration

If the walls of the terrace in your house are wide and in plain condition, then you can decorate them with patterned plants. Decorate alternately so that the walls do not completely contain plants. Here you can add wood materials with certain patterns to help beautify the walls. With the decoration on the wall of the terrace will certainly refresh the eyes as well as relieve tiredness after all day you are outdoors.

10. Consider decorating the interior of the bathroom

home décor

Consider redecorating the bathroom interior by filling interesting and functional furniture. Bathrooms that have attractive interior design can create a quiet atmosphere so that you can “me time” in the bathroom. To support the atmosphere, you can add scented candles that make your bathroom like a private spa room.

11. Place the music player in the room

home décor

If your family likes to listen to music, you can put speakers or music players such as gromophones to play classical music or other songs that make the atmosphere of the room calm. Thus, it can help your family away from stress.

Now that’s some tips that you can make a reference to change the look of the house which makes the family more at home. For that, we need a new home atmosphere to be more comfortable to be at home.

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