Tips for How to Manage Wedding Expenses

Tips for How to Manage Wedding Expenses

The wedding party became a dream that was coveted by many people. Especially women who want a wedding party that suits what she wants.

But do not be too eager to make an exclusive wedding party / impressive, it could be that the budget can swell. From the results of discussions with friends and wedding organizers inJakarta, the average expenditure for wedding parties by renting a building in Jakarta between Rp.150-300 Million, while if the wedding party by renting the Hall averages Rp.70-Rp.150 Million, the cost of the wedding incurred depends on the number of guests and the theme of the wedding party.

The cost of the wedding incurred is not small is not!, then what if your wedding party is close and the available funds are less than expected, so you are confused by the available budget will be detailed in a wedding!, the first solution is to consult with the organizer of the wedding party or wedding organizer and or follow the tips in compiling the following details of wedding costs;

Tips for Compiling Wedding Expenses Details

Determining the Theme of The Wedding

The wedding theme is the first tip in compiling the details of the cost of the wedding. To determine the theme, you can discuss it with your partner. Many wedding themes that you and your partner choose, such as Modern, Casual, Traditional, or Religious wedding themes that will be the first benchmark in compiling details of wedding costs.

Determining the Location of the Wedding

Now it has become common if you want to hold a wedding party in a Luxury Building. Make a different or unique wedding party that will make your wedding moment memorable, such as having a wedding party at home. Use your home page that will be the theme of your wedding party “Garden Wedding” which will be very romantic. Of course, the budget for a wedding party becomes more economical instead, there is no need to rent a building or hall for your wedding party.

Determining decorations

Decoration is also very important in determining how much will be incurred, if your budget is not too large use local flowers that are cheaper than imported flowers that are no less good than imported flowers. or ask your organizer to take a minimalist theme in your wedding decoration that will not eliminate the romantic impression.

Specify an Invitation

For an invitation to detail who will be the guests at the party, make a list of details from the nearest to the furthest. The invitation that has been planned will determine the costs that will be incurred in the list of costs of your wedding party. Choose a multifunctional invitation that can be used as well as souvenirs. This step will save you your costs and energy.

Specify documentation

Documentation in a wedding will be a moment that will be remembered in the form of photos and videos. To save on wedding costs, use the services of Photographer and Videographer at once / who provides an all-in package.

Determining Consumption

arranging the cost of wedding cathering Consumption is the most crucial thing in this wedding party, consumption will be a scourge if the slightest mistake occurs, such as running out of food before the event is over and other small things. Order catering according to the Invitation Portion, and spread food in various corners of the venue. This is to reduce the long queue of guests, and set a food entry schedule, usually the wedding organizer will arrange this well. If using cathering services, try the package system, usually cathering services provide discounts for customers.

Okey, those are some tips in compiling details of wedding costs, hopefully the costs you will spend do not swell with less necessary expenses. or use the Services of an event organizer / Wedding Organizer who will arrange your wedding party according to budget.

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