How to Care for and Maintain Koi Fish

How to Care for and Maintain Koi Fish

Memeihara Koi merupakan sebuah hobi, bisa dibilang sebuah aktifitas yang menyenangkan. Pastinya jika anda pecinta bududaya ikan harus coba membudidayakan Koi juga.  Merawat ikan Koi banyak sekali caranya, setiap orang berpendapat bebeda tentang cara budidayanya. Jika dipikir dua kali, pastinya memelihara koi sangat bermanfaat, lebih lebih menghasilkan uang dari penjualan ikan Koi.

As I said, koi fish cultivation is different. This is considered because of the environment or place to maintain it. Koi that is kept in the aquarium is different way of keeping it with the koi in the pond. According to many people, keeping koi in the aquarium is not recommended, it is actually permissible but only to decorate the room only that the treatment given must be extra. If keeping in the pool is more natural, also beautify the basic appearance of the house. Not only that, koi that are kept in the pond is more productive and will certainly lay eggs, than in the pond.

Koi fish are identical to the flexible body shape coated with colorful scales. This is the main attraction for fish lovers to maintain. Well, if we have koi fish, we must know how to take good care of them. This time I will give tips on taking good and correct koi fish for maintenance in the pond. Why do I just discuss the pool? Because the majority of people keep koi in the pond, if in the aquarium must be a large aquarium, because the size of koi fish is also quite large. Let’s just talk about how to care for and maintain good and correct koi fish.

Koi Fish Place of Life

Koi fish pond
Koi Fish Pond

Koi fish is its natural habitat in a clean and nice environment. For that it is necessary to make a pond that corresponds to its natural habitat. Koi fish pond size must be large, at least 1.5 meters by 2 meters and a depth of 80 cm to 50 cm. A deep pool will have an effect to avoid excessive sunlight. Furthermore the water acidity pH is better from 6.5 to 8.5. It should not be less or more, to be suitable for the development of the koi.

Do not forget to give water circulation by installing a pump that supplies water repetition with 20 liters of permenit. To clean the pump filter, you can remove it and clean it manually by spraying clean water for 7 minutes so that dirt and unnecessary substances can be lost.

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To keep Koi nice and healthy, feeding is essential and must be optimal. Feeding to Koi aims primarily for the development of the body and brightness of the color of the fish. Remember also, feed should contain a lot of nutrients needed by koi. E.g. wheat germ feed type. Weat germ, is a food made from high protein and good for the development of fish. In addition, wheat germ also contains vitamins A, D, E, B2, B6, B12, Niacin and vitamin C. Not only that but there are also minerals such as calcium and antioxidants.

If you want to make Koi fish have a bright color, do not forget to give carotene type food. Such foodstuffs can be shaped like carrots, algae, algae, watermelon, mustard, cabbage and green chilies. While meat feed can be given as a side such as mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, shrimp and others.

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That’s how to properly care for Koi fish. If that’s the case, koi cultivation can be successful and make koi sales business fields. Good luck.

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