How to Care for Persian Cats

How to Care for Persian Cats

Persian cats are long-haired cats, for that the care of persian cats and other long-haired cats should be more late. In addition to the health problems of persian cats that should be considered, the problem of grooming must also be done well to prevent the onset of diseases and parasites in our beloved Persian cats. For that we must know how to take care of the persian cat properly.

Grooming does have to be really guarded for longhair paint, including persian cats. Persian cat fur is very long and dense, we must often comb the fur of our beloved cat. Persian cats can indeed ‘comb’ their own fur by licking it, but this is not without risks. It is possible that the fur was ingested by the elbow and caused hairballs disease in our persian cats (Read: Hairballs In Cats). To prevent it we must diligently comb and clean the cat’s fur.

How to Comb persian cat hair. Persian cats are known for their long hair. But, this beautiful hair needs extra care to look beautiful and healthy. One of the basic treatments for Persian cats is to regularly comb the hair of persian cats.

Combing the fur of a persian cat can make her hair untangled. Combing can also help collect hair loss, rather than scattered scattered around the house or even make Hairballs Disease In Cats as many are ingested. Persian cats usually really enjoy the hair removal sessions that we do.

These are tips on how to comb persian cat hair:

  • Provide all the care tools we need before starting to comb the fur of persian cats. The tools that are already available will make the job easier and smoother.
  • Sit on the floor or sofa and put a persian cat next to us. Treat the cat gently to prevent it from becoming stressed or jumping away from us.
  • Start combing from the head of the persian cat. Use slow, gentle movement. Comb only in the direction of hair growth.
  • After the head, continue by combing the entire body part of the Persian cat up to the tail. Be careful when combing the tail area, as the tail is a sensitive area for our long-haired cats.
  • Lift the front legs of the cat and comb all areas of the chest. Again, keep being careful when doing this because cat paws can hurt us. If necessary, wear gloves to protect your hands from scratches. The chest area is also a sensitive area so the cat may move a lot.
  • If necessary, hold the skin of the cat’s nape so as not to run away or jump.
  • Remove the hair attached to the comb and clean the comb after use to prevent skin problems in cats when the comb is reused.

How to Comb Persian Cat Hair

Combing the cat’s hair regularly will keep the persian cat’s hair growing beautiful and healthy. In this way it will also create a bond between us and our beloved Persian cat. How to comb the hair of persian cats can also be applied to other long-haired cats

Persian cats should also be bathed often, at least once a week especially if our persian cats often play outdoors. Make sure the cat’s nails and ears are also cleaned, after bathing the cat’s fur must be combed neatly using a special metal comb. Ideally persian cat fur is combed twice a day. We can also wipe the fur of persian cats with baby wipes, baby wipes are suitable for use because it will not cause allergies, soft and fragrant smell.

Persian cats often have problems with their eyes, these cats tend to bring out a lot of tears and tears. For that, buy eye tissue to clean the eyes and nose area of our Persian cat. Eye feces should be cleaned immediately because it can be about noses and clogging breathing.

Give our persian cat food with the Necessary Cat Nutrition,pay attention to its feeding pattern as well. We can give him ready-to-eat cat food (cat food) or make his own by paying attention to his nutrition. But do not give the cat raw fish without cooking karen can be dangerous for cats, do not also give salty fish because it can make cat fur fall out.

Vaccination for our persian cats should not be forgotten, kuicng aged 3 months should have been vaccinated. Ask the veterinarian what vaccinations should be given to our cats. As for the treatment usually cats are vaccinated 3 times a year.

How to Care for Persian Cats
Persian Cat

Prepare a good cage for elbows, the cage must be complete and there is a place to drink and a plinth/blanket to sleep in. Also provide a sandbox for the cat’s‘POP’,this sandbox must be cleaned frequently every day. If possible teach the cat to use the ‘toilet’. Try to put cages in places that can be exposed to morning and afternoon sunlight so that our persian cats can sunbathe, cages that are often exposed to sunlight are also healthier and moisturized are maintained.

Try to set aside time to play with our persian cats, or around the streets outdoors. Give it its favorite type of game, playing together will load the elbows stay active and not easily weary.

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Persian well-cared for cats can be up to 20 years old, so knowing how to care for persian cats is very important both for the cat and for our enjoyment.

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