How to Choose a Type of Dog Food

How to Choose a Type of Dog Food

In dog food, does dog food contain more protein than whole meat? The answer is surprising. In commercial dog food or eating high-grade meat can actually be a better source of protein, than the whole meat from which the dog food is made.

Here’s why…

Meat food is the final dry product of the cooking process known as rendering. Rendering is making the dish like making soup, and usually this stew is deliberately more cooked.

Here’s the point…

Let’s see, the idea of this rendering is to start with meat soup, cook water and roast residue. And finally is a highly concentrated protein powder, better known as meat meals.

Now, let’s take a look at the chart below.

dog food
Protein Graph

Notice how the whole “body” of chickens contains about 70% water and 18% protein. But after rendering, the resulting chicken dog food contains only 10% water and the protein increases to 65%. It’s almost four times more protein per pound than whole chicken meat!

Nutritious Ingredients or Recycled Waste?

Of course, all meat meals are not created equal. Some have very high quality, while others are positively terrible. It all comes down to the contents of the stew, the raw materials, and this one important principle.

“No food product can be better than the raw materials used to make it.”

Good dog food is made from certain quality parts of animal meat. Low-grade food comes from generic sources such as butcher’s waste and supermarket leftover meat, even dead and worse zoo animal meat.

How to Choose a Type of Dog Food
Types of Dog Food

How to Quickly Spot Inferior Meat Foods

Since manufacturers rarely reveal the true nature of the ingredients they use, there are two important rules that can help us avoid choosing the wrong product.

Stay away from dog food made from meat “meat meal” containing:

  • Includes the words “by-products” in his name
  • Failed to identify specific animal source

Here are some examples of meat-based low protein ingredients. Be sure to see the name “generic”.

  1. Meat meal / meat meal
  2. Animal meal / animal food
  3. Chicken by-product meal / chicken food products
  4. Meat and bone meal
  5. Glandular meal / food from the gland
  6. Poultry meal / poultry food
  7. Blood meal / food from blood

When we see ingredients like this, it’s a sign that we’re looking at a low quality dog food. Good dog food displays species-specific animal sources including names such as beef, venison, lamb, chicken, etc. Not from processed ingredients or leftover meat.

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