How to Design and Estimate the Cost of Building Your Minimalist Home Kitchen

How to Design and Estimate the Cost of Building Your Minimalist Home Kitchen

The kitchen, though not the main room, and often in the stepchildren, the existence of the kitchen becomes an important element in a house.

How not, about most of the activities that demand togetherness are intertwined in this place. Not only as a place to cook, eat, work or do homework, but from this place the beginning of family warmth is created every day.

When preparing breakfast and or dinner, there is a creative process. And when there’s interaction between family members, warmth builds up in this rubric.

For those of you who have been able to customize your kitchen by blocking the room, do not worry there is always a way to deepen and organize it to the point that the complex is able to be accommodated. You can find the right handyman boulder.

How to Design a Minimalist Kitchen

How to design your minimalist home kitchen?

Space limitations are not an obstacle to having a beautiful minimalist kitchen. The phrase minimalist kitchen not only focuses on the appearance of the body but covers various aspects in it.

For example, the use of goods / equipment as effectively as possible to look spacious but still not reduce the need for some of these items needed to cook or eat.

A minimalist kitchen is a kitchen with a minimalist setting and self-proof is simple, simple and not complicated. The concept is not far from the interior of minimalism which mixes aesthetics and simplicity. Slick drafting creates a home design that is flexible, not overdue and has many of the listed benefits of health benefits.

Get to know your cooking style

not only do you efficiency of some uns needed items and tools in the kitchen, the following can be used as a reference for planning a minimalist kitchen:

Identify cooking styles

Not all family members love to cook. The concept of minimalist design would be the perfect idea for families with this typical. They won’t feel at home spending time lingering in the kitchen. But if it’s the opposite, arrange an excrposition of the space and objects needed while in the kitchen.

Organize as needed

Get used to having a certain shelf for each display that is used so as not to taint and fill the rubric until it looks solid. Store some rarely used items on the top shelf and the opposite is most commonly used below for easy access.

Carefully placed meals

As one of the places to put food, the kitchen is prone to being a place full of piles of goods and food, buy it according to needs and needs. after that careful storage siasati for rubric efficiency.

Quality not quantity

We can’t show that technological advances make it easier for us to easily shop for kitchen supplies and necessities online. Buying some stuff that’s not a priority, in the end just makes it a pile of stuff. often just to satisfy our pleasure and ignore the point. Buy some multifunctional items for various needs. for example egg filters and vegetable washers, or knives that can be used to cut various needs.

Clean surface

Place 1-2 items that have minimalist decorative factors such as sweet pots or tissue containers. stay away from putting some big items such as ovens, microwaves, coffee machines, etc. on the kitchen table because it will only make it look dense and dense. Don’t forget to always clean the kitchen after making use of it from cooking utensils or piles of dirty dishes to always look spacious.

Estimated Cost of Making A Minimalist Home Kitchen

minimalist kitchen design
Minimalist Kitchen

For those of you who want to successfully carry out the overall renovation by changing the look, dismantling the booth and changing the ceramics will require considerable funds.

The fee includes the purchase of brick booths, lightweight steel roof frames, asbestos roofs, ceiling frames, water pipe installations, dak toren, tiled floors, kitchen tables and dish washing sinks. when calculated the amount of funds needed reaches approximately Rp 20 million for kitchens with dimensions of 2×3 meters up to 2×6 meters.

On the other hand, for a light renovation where you just want to successfully replace the furniture and kitchen has been created, the estimated cost required is about 5 million rupiah.

The estimated price of hpl multiplex and finishing materials is around Rp 2.5 million and can be cheaper depending on the type of material. Other kitchen features such as plate racks, spoon containers & glasses, ambalan range from Rp 1 million rupiah that can be obtained in supermarkets or grocery stores for even cheaper.

To add a minimalist effect, the backpanel or kitchen room needs to be replaced. Add glass blocks with various patterns, patterns and contours to taste, not just ceramic materials. Glass block price for dimensions 380x15x80 ranges from Rp 1 million rupiah. in contrast, the estimated cost of ceramics reaches Rp 500 thousand according to the type selected.

The minimalist kitchen is really very focused on the countertop model and kitchen set. As the first step determine the kitchen set that will be successfully made (in the form of upper and lower cabinet) get used to the area of the kitchen.

As a factor especially in a minimalist kitchen, the price of kitchen set dangat varies from Rp 1,5 million/meter for the cheapest, medium Rp 3 million – 3.5 million/meter, metric kitchen Rp 5 million rupiah/meter, and JDC class rp 8 million/meter. The price has not been listed asesories in. The price is listed in standard processed (MDF to multiplex), melamic finishing or HDF, granite table top.

On the other hand, there are 2 different types of stainless or white. The price ranges from Rp 350. 000 ,-up to Rp 1. 500. 000, -/pcs for stainless, depending on type. such as plate racks, bottle racks or seasoning racks and others.

Meanwhile, the price count per meter of the lower upper cabinet is not rigid. For example, there are certain parts that no cabinet will count for only one-second or a certain count. As well as the island or cabinet for a large refrigerator, there is usually a certain count.

Benefits of Minimalist Kitchen

Simplicity will always benefit certainly, as will minimalist kitchens. Here are the benefits:

Effective and Efficient

By effectively importing some items purchased for automatic kitchen use you carry out financial savings. Likewise the time when you cook no longer need to linger looking for the necessary items. Profitable isn’t it?


Without a pile of some items in the kitchen listed dishes, glasses and much more, the kitchen will feel spacious that can bring tranquility and will feel its function for the health of the waiter.

Easy to set up and clean

The advantage of minimalist concept is the ease of organizing and does not require maximum maintenance. Because some things are no longer much, the kitchen will be easier to clean and look slick.

Flexible and Multifunctional

Multifunction because some items used are limited but meet all family needs. otherwise flexible with regard to its usefulness to be able to function kapapun for example you have little time to cook at home because of a lot of work activities.

Especially before you create a minimalist kitchen is thinking of mature and structured planning and concepts. Consider well the spacious and shape of the kitchen, the placement of furniture and some of its belongings

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