How to Make Origami Stork

How to Make a Stork From Origami Paper

How to make Origami Stork? Different types of birds can be made with the art of folding paper (origami). The art of folding origami originated in Japan.

Origami also has its own meaning, which is the word ori which comes from the word oru which means folding and the word gami which comes from our word meaning paper. So, Origami means folding paper. Although Origami originated in Japan, but now the art of paper folding is already worldwide, and of course not only the form of stork can be made, but hundreds of other forms can be created through this paper folding art.

This heron in Japan is called Tsuru which means it has a strong, sweet, beautiful, and has a special voice so that the Japanese really appreciate the importance of this stork. Therefore, the form of tsuru or heron is the most traditional and most beautiful form of origami and develops into a favorite subject.

That said, whoever makes a thousand origami birds, then his wish will be realized. It’s just a myth from Japan. But this time not wanting to discuss about the story behind it or talk about the problem of the origin of the story, but this time we will try to give how to make a way to fold the heron.

Folding completely is tired, especially up to 1000 pieces is not an easy thing. This type of origami is quite complicated, it needs patience and rigor. Let’s try making bird origami with instructional steps along with pictures.

Origami Steps

How to Make Origami Stork
Origami Stork

Necessary tools and materials:

1. Origami paper or ordinary paper in square shape

How to fold a stork:

1. First,take the square-sized paper then fold the top corner of the paper into the bottom corner then open it again. Then fold the paper into two halves to the side.

make origami herons with pictures
The first step

2. Turn the paper to the other side. Fold the paper into two folds and open it and then fold it in the other direction.

The Second Step in Making Origami a Stork
Step Two

3. The folds that were made make into the bottom corner and then flatten.

third step of origami stork
Step Three

4. Fold the upper triangle flaps into the middle and open them.

The fourth step makes origami a stork.
Fourth step

5. Fold up the bottom model and open it.

The Fifth Step of Making Origami a Stork
Step Five

6. Open the topmost lid of the model, pull it up and press the side of the model in at the same time.

The Sixth Step of Making Origami
Step Six

7. Flatten down.

Step Seven: How to Make Origami
Seventh Step

8. Repeat steps 4-6 from the other side.

Step 8 makes origami
Step eight

9. Upper flaps fold into the middle

The Ninth Step of Making Origami a Stork
Ninth Step

10. Repeat on the other side, so that your model looks like this.

The Tenth Step of Making Origami Stork
Tenth Step

11. Fold both ‘legs’ of the model up, then open.

The Eleventh Step of Making Origami a Stork
Eleventh Step

12. Inside the Reverse, Fold the “legs” along the folds that have just been made.

The Twelfth Step to Making Origami
Twelfth Step

13. Inside reverse fold one side to make the head, then fold down the wing.

The Thirteenth Step of How to Make Origami
Thirteenth Step

14. Finish making origami herons.

How? Is it easy not to make this origami heron? Origami is the most popular heron in the world. Regarding the problem of type, origami is known to have two types of models, namely traditional models and original models or can also be called modern models.

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Traditional models are common and popular models and are usually no longer known who designed the first time. Although the number is very large, usually this traditional model is an old form.

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While the original model is contemporary works made by each paper jumper and listed his name as their copyright.

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