Important! Here Are 7 Secrets to Success To Be a Career Woman Plus Housewives

The Secret to Success Being a Career Woman Plus Housewives

The Secret to Success Being a Career Woman Plus Housewives – Mother’s Day commemorations this year what do you do with your beloved woman? Of course, despite the pandemic, we don’t want to miss this moment. Usually the time of day is spent enjoying time with family.

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Especially during the pandemic must have been familiar at home yes. Well talking about Mother’s Day, this mother is a very great woman. Her role as a mother can be entirely entrenched. In a sense, even if I work, she can still make peace with her family.

What exactly are the tips behind the success of motherhood to be a housewife who is also a career woman? Let’s check it out!

As a Housewife as well as a Career Woman, You Can Manage Your Time Well

Time management is very important for anyone. Because, time management is what makes our days more productive. Without good time management, the whole work cannot be completed optimally.

As well as her role as a housewife as well as a career woman, the mother must be able to manage her time well. Of course with these two great roles, the obligation of the mother becomes increased. With a good timing, surely everything can run to the maximum.

Now to balance the two tasks, mothers need to divide time according to work time and time with family. Both must be of their own proportions and should not be side-by-side. All these consequences must be resolved, right?

Sharing Homework with Family

Still related to the first point, in order to successfully undergo these two roles, mothers should be able to share homework with the family. Homework is definitely what housewives do in general.

While as a career woman certainly has additional jobs that are none other than to help the family economy. Well this office job should be able to be well organized. Don’t interfere with office work with a lot of work at home.

However, during this WFH it is inevitable. As a result, the solution is to allocate time to meet the target of office work first. Because, homework is always going to be there every day, right, Mom?

In order to be successful in the role of a career woman as well as a housewife, do not like to procrastinate work

Well, procrastination work is very familiar to our ears. When we have set a daily schedule,it turns out that we are less consequent to the schedule. One of the reasons for abandonment of the schedule is because we procrastinate.

Procrastination is becoming a disease that must be addressed immediately. Especially for a person who has two big roles, a housewife as well as a career woman. To be able to balance office work with home, never procrastinate.

Whatever you have planned, do as best you can. Because, if the plan fails, the activities you plan just fail. The fatal impact is that mothers can lose their profession as career women.

Support from Family Is Important

Career women are no longer familiar to our ears. However, in its application, there are still many women who feel hindered when going to be career women. Usually this is related to the blessing of the husband.

Therefore, asking for support from the family is very important. There’s no way you’re doing a job without the family’s blessing, especially the husband. There is no blessing in it.

In addition, the support of the family is essential for the continuity and comfort of the woman herself. A mother who is supported in work will certainly have the spirit every day to do the best job possible.

Give a Special Time for The Family

Playing a housewife as well as a career woman is not easy. If you underestimate one of them, it’s just abandoned. Moreover, his role in the family is very important. For the development of the child, the allocation of mother’s time for sanga family is needed.

Do not let because his profession as a career wania then make the mother abai to the family. But mother’s love is very useful. Isn’t mom’s love all the time? However, why should it be limited due to work matters?

Well because of this, to succeed in both roles, mother do not forget to always give special time to the family! For example, special weekends are used to spend time together. Whether it’s just walking around or playing with the child.

Despite Playing Career Women and Housewives, You Should Make Time for Yourself

“Me-time” becomes a familiar term used as a condition of enjoying time for yourself. Me-time this does not mean to be alone lho ya! However, the term refers more to the time to make peace with one another.

You will surely be silent and reflect on what has happened to you until now. Now it should also be done by everyone. Because, it includes personal reflection that is useful to improve the quality of self.

In her role, the mother also needs special time for herself. In this time there should be no distraction from around. The goal is to relax yourself and minimize the occurrence of stress.

Maintaining Health Is Paramount

Of these, maintaining health as the last point is precisely the most important. It is impossible for us to do our activities to the maximum without optimal health. As a human being who does activities every day it is mandatory to maintain health.

Well for mom too. Never neglect your own health. Motherhood is very important for the family. Even in the world of work, mothers as career women are also impossible to ignore.

For that, take care of health always yes bund. So that everything is optimal and not damaged by pain, get enough rest and take vitamins regularly. In addition, set a nutritious diet and do not over-force the body to continue working. Stay safe and healthy!

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As a housewife as well as a career woman, she has two important roles. Both of them should not be justbabakan. For this reason, hopefully these 7 tips help mothers to be able to balance their work. #SelamatHariIbu

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