KamaSutra Position

KamaSutra Style

A fresh style dubbed Kama Sutra ‘mattress moves’ of several styles. Here are ten styles position that are guaranteed to make you and your partner gasp for pleasure.


Erotic Instruction: Your male partner lies down with a pillow holding his head. Still facing him, with a ducking position put your hands and knees next to his chest. As the body blends in with your body, gently move around and start trying to position your body in a diagonal motion, resembling a diamond(split ketupat): left, down, right and up.

Enjoyment:You will love it, because in this section your partner’s penis touches every moisture of your body, including the G-spot area. (touching alternating internal orgasms located in front of your vaginal wall with decreased position). A sensation that not only you feel on your own, but your partner can also feel every inch of your body. Slow and controlled movements up and down for a long time make you enjoy more intimacy with your partner.

Side Slide

Erotic Instruction:Lie on its side, keep your lower legs straight and your knees bend. Position your partner between your legs, have your partner lift your upper leg and place it on his chest or hang your foot over his or her shoulders and let him ‘enter’ you.

Enjoyment:If your open intimate organs can’t make your partner aroused, maybe deep penetration can be an alternative. As he begins to control his speed, lie down and feel the pleasure. Or try to make shifts by tightening your PC’s oto as tighten as possible when it ‘stabs’ you. This will make it easier to stimulate you by using his hands or a vibrator.

Thigh Master

Erotic Instruction: Letyour partner’s back lie back casually with your legs open with one knee bending and facing upwards. With your face facing sideways, lower your body towards the penis, keeping its knees bending as a leverage medium. While swinging your body backwards, lean far enough until your lower buttocks come into contact with their inner thighs.

Enjoyment:This ‘two-in-one’ movement positions you as the center of attention: “your constant and steady clitoral drive with its inner thighs will give you more enjoyment. And with his feet still holding your balance, you’re free to move wildly. Of course, it’s not yourself who feels the pleasure, making him vibrate by pushing and stimulating the front of his penis nerves. Or reach out to his legs and start massaging his testicles (testicles) and perineum (superpeka areas between the pelir and the buttocks).

Booty Bridge

Erotic Instruction: Bendforward with your legs slightly open and your arms rest in front of you or lean casually over a low chair to maintain balance. Then your partner comes in from behind, pulling yourself as close to your body as possible while holding your chest as a balance.

Enjoyment obtained:

This doggy style-like style is perfect, the crooked body position gives your partner maximum control and more depth to access your G-spot. Unlike the typical back style that sometimes makes you unable to feel your partner, pelvis and thigh touch make the movement feel intimate. Booty bonus: ask him to stay afloat while you move your ass in a twisting motion.

Carnal Clench

Erotic Instruction: Putyour stomach, legs straight, and slightly open, have your partner lie on top of you, position his or her legs next to your body. When she starts putting hers in, cover your legs with the heel position crossed.

Enjoyment:With your legs crossed and heels crossed, you will feel your partner’s whole body. She can also reach out to your bottom and play around with your breasts or rub her lips on your ears, cheeks and neck. Although this movement offers mega sensations but not much movement that can be done, perhaps this pose can be practiced for men who want to delay reaching the top or couples who want to better recognize and feel their partner’s body.

Randy Rider

Erotic instruction: Asyour partner lies on his back, look at his face and lower yourself towards his penis in a kneeling position. Keep your knees on the bed, lock your feet on the inside of the legs, precisely on the heel. Pull the sheets beside the head, press your buttocks, tilt your hips upwards by moving small and tightening.

Enjoyment that can:By pulling the sheets and using her feet as a foothold, this cowgirl style configuration offers a lot of power,you can maintain your body rhythm to stay balanced without losing momentum before reaching orgasm. Due to the higher position of our body than the missionary type, indirectly your clitoris will come into contact with its pubic bones.

Up, Up and Away

Erotic Instruction: Restyour back with your head resting on a pillow, lift your feet into the air as straight and as high as possible. While on your knees, your partner will push your feet to one side, while keeping your feet in position, your partner will enter you, while his hands rest on the bed or floor.

Enjoyment:By lifting your feet high, and making them tighter will give you and your partner another sensation. But by bending your knees a little, clamping your PC muscles, and opening your legs a little wide, you definitely get a completely different experience and feel. Also with your free hands, you can stroke your breasts, while your partner pumps you up, or just recline yourself enjoying the taste of your body

Niagara Falls

Erotic Instruction: Facingthe faucet, kneel in front of a bathtub half filled with warm water. Lean forward and hold the wall or edge of the bathtub to maintain balance, your partner will ride you and penetration from behind. While feeling a partner unite with you, by hand, pour water between your legs or use the help of a showerhead.

Enjoyment: Thisstyle is perfect for women who have difficulty having orgasms. Your partner will master your G-spot and the sensation gained from the water spray will easily arouse your external appetite. With your body still resting in the bathtub, let your partner play with your breasts or massage your hips.

KamaSutra Style
Indian Kamasutra Temple Relief

Bed Spread

Erotic Instruction: Bend thebody on the side of the bed until the abdomen and breasts stick tightly to the mattress, with the legs relaxing slightly open and the soles of the feet still on the floor. When your partner penetrations from behind, he or she will lift your legs just to the extent of the knee, holding and pushing your legs.

Enjoyment:With your bent body and open legs relaxed, your partner can do deeper penetration. A position that leaves your partner free to penetrate, in addition to giving him the freedom to see your sexy side and see himself moving in and out – a truly intimate and personal gesture. What did you get? You’ll feel really light with your feet raised away from the floor, as if you were floating while letting your partner work. This way his penis easily reaches the side of your G-spot.


Erotic Instruction: Lieon the middle with a diagonal position on the bed, pull your body forward until your head and body hang sideways, with palms still resting on the floor to maintain balance. Your partner will enter you from behind, with the position of his feet inside your feet and his hands holding your body to maintain balance so that he can keep his shoulders and head above.

Enjoyment:With your partner’s feet between you, he or she won’t have enough wiggle room, which means you can freely look for in-and-out movement gaps bringing the sensation of tsunami movement to the nerves that lead you a few inches to your pleasure zone. The blood flow moves instantly to the head as you lean not far from the bed and makes it easier for him to amplify his urges. Because it’s a pretty difficult position so it doesn’t allow this style to be done every night, it’s just the intensity of a conventional game.

Tantric Turn-ons

Here are some sensual tips for maintaining your desires and sex intensity:

*Take care of body heat. Of course you’re not going to make love in full clothes, are you? But of course you don’t want to get cold either, so before spending your night, keep your body temperature hot.

*Take a deep breath. When making love to your partner, look at his face and invite your partner to take a long and deep breath, relax your whole body, this will make you both more relaxed and better understand the rhythm of your partner’s body.

*Look at each other. Try looking at your partner for a few minutes. It may feel clunky, but this optical experience makes your sex deeper than getting a more amazing experience.

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