Know the Signs of Toxic Relationship and How to Deal With It

Signs of Toxic Relationship

Lately you may hear a lot about toxic relationships. Yup, toxic relationship is a relationship that when executed actually causes discomfort to yourself or the partner. This discomfort is caused by some things, for example there are differences in the way of thinking.

Just as the term istoxic or toxic, if this kind of relationship continues to live on it is likely that the person’s emotional to be ‘damaged’. This type of relationship usually features a relationship that looks fine from the outside, but in it each partner feels uncomfortable.

Everyone caught up in this type of relationship may not be aware of it, but the facts are undeniable. Therefore, please be aware of the signs of whether a relationship belongs to this type of relationship or not. Here are the features.

Signs of Toxic Relationship

1. Unhappy

A healthy relationship will cause a feeling of pleasure, comfort, and happiness when lived. But in the ‘toxic’ relationship that happens quite the opposite. If when you are with you feeling unhappy, comfortable, and happy, then you should be wary of it. Do not have a relationship that has been in a good relationship.

If there are signs in your relationship you should consider whether to continue. Don’t lie about what you feel when you’re with him.

2. Communication is not intertwined

One of the characteristics of ‘toxic’ relationships is the intertwining of communication between you and your partner. There is no denying that communication is very important in a relationship. By communicating the wishes of each party can be conveyed well.

But in toxic relationships this is not the case. The communication that should be able to be a link can’t just be a series of chats that don’t exist. The wishes of one party are unacceptable to the other, even a misperception arises between the two.

3. Too many lies

Too many lies in a relationship are also included in the toxic relationship traits. When someone lies too often it’s most likely that person is hiding something from you. In a relationship it’s not good to hide a lot of things from a partner. If that happens, there are indications that your partner doesn’t want you to know the secret.

One of the keys in a relationship is trust. If your partner just doesn’t trust you to know his secret, it shows that he’s not serious about having a relationship with you.

4. Happier when not together

The first indication you are in a ‘toxic’ relationship is the absence of happiness. If when you’re not together you feel happier, maybe it’s time you realized the possibility that you’re in a ‘toxic’ relationship. You feel freer and can be yourself when you’re not with your partner.

5. Violent acts

Problems such as dissent are natural in a relationship. But if in the relationship you live in until you get violent it shows you are not in a good relationship. At this level you can no longer deny that your relationship is a ‘toxic’ relationship.

Violence is not just about physical, it can be psychic violence. If your partner often demeans you as a woman, it can be ascertained that your partner is the perpetrator of a toxic relationship for committing an act of violence against you.

4 ways to avoid toxic relationships

Signs of Toxic Relationship
Toxic Relationship

Is it in your relationship that all of the above features exist? If anything you have to be wary of the possibility of you getting caught up in a ‘toxic’ relationship. You have the option of staying in the relationship or finding a way out. Here are the things you can do when you’re already stuck in that kind of relationship.

1. Trying to fix

An initially happy relationship can turn into a toxic relationship due to several factors. When you realize the relationship you’re in is a ‘toxic’ relationship, you still have a choice to fix it. Try to communicate with your partner about your relationship, about the misunderstandings that are happening and the causes of the toxic relationship itself.

If you and your partner have found a point in the problem and are willing to fix it, you can take steps to restart the relationship. But if that doesn’t happen, it only means one thing: you have to be willing to end it!

2. Ask others for advice

Sometimes people who are stuck in a ‘toxic’ relationship tend to be difficult to objectify to the problems they are facing. If you have any doubts about what decision to make, you can ask someone else for advice. Tell me about the problems you’re having with people closest to you like family or friends. If you think you need to, you can also consult an expert.

3. Love yourself

When you find it hard to let go of a relationship that’s actually not good for you you have to remember that you also have to love yourself. Even before loving others first you have to love yourself. If a relationship is curbing you it’s better to let go of that relationship.

4. Perform preferred activities

When a person is stuck in a poor relationship he usually suffers losses both in terms of time, energy, mind, and emotional. To get away from the pain you’ve experienced before you can do activities you love. You can plan to take a vacation with your family or just hang out with friends.

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Not forcing yourself into a relationship is not good signifying that you love yourself. Admit that your relationship is not a good relationship. Separation is difficult, but living in a bad relationship is much more difficult. After knowing the characteristics of toxic relationship you should immediately make a decision.

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