Learning a Child’s Personality During a Pandemic Moment

Starting the Year With Parenting According to The Child's Personality

Children’s personalities can be shaped by parents by spending time with them, especially before entering early adolescence. Especially during this pandemic, there is more free time that parents can take advantage of. As rosdiana setyaningrum, a child, adolescent and family psychologist, says.

Rosdiana said, the development of the child’s personality stopped at the age of 12 years. Therefore, the role of parents is very important in shaping their personality before the age. This needs to be done because it will be a provision of children to live their lives in the future. Here are some basic tasks that parents must teach their children that Rosdiana revealed.

Teach Your Child to Be Independent

To be able to live his own life without continuing to be helped by parents, one of the personality of children who must be owned is independent. Independence also has a close relationship with the level of confidence in the baby.

When the baby is able to do anything independently, it can cause confidence. Parents can teach independence to their children early on by asking them to tidy up their own toys. In addition, it can also be by asking them to tidy up books and dishes used food.

Instill Responsibility as Part of a Child’s Personality

Instill Responsibility as Part of a Child's Personality
Instill Responsibility as Part of a Child’s Personality

As your baby ages, this sense of responsibility must be ingrained in them. For example, let your baby do his or her own schoolwork. You as a parent don’t always have to give you help. Give them time to complete our tasks. This firmness is very necessary for parents to do. Only, when the baby feels difficult, he is allowed to ask questions and you help provide a solution solution.

One way that you can do so that your baby becomes a good person is to create a fun learning atmosphere. For example, you can invite your baby to read a book while singing. You can also invite your baby to learn to cook while knowing color and counting.

This needs to be done to instill a learning mindset to read and numeracy is a fun thing. In addition, preferably as parents, we do not complain about the many schoolwork in front of the baby. These behaviors can make the baby absorb information that school is not a pleasant place. As a result, the child does not feel like being a learner throughout his life.

Give Children Learning to Accept Risk

Give Children Learning to Accept Risk
Give Children Learning to Accept Risk

Since childhood, teach your baby to be able to accept the risks of what they do. It is very important to develop a child’s personality. Especially when your baby has made a mistake. For example, you can give understanding to your baby if they do not do the tasks at school. The risk is that they will get punishment from the teacher. By instilling it, children will have more effort, can accept the risks of their actions, and try to do better in the future.

Shaping a Child’s Personality by Recognizing and Regulating Emotions

Recognizing emotions alone is not enough to shape a child’s personality for the better. You need to teach them how to manage your emotions well. This will help their lives. By learning to recognize and regulate emotions well can form a baby to have a good person and can be a good leader as well.

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These are some of the tasks that parents must do to shape the child’s personality. This is in accordance with what was conveyed by Rosdiana in the Media Briefing event with the theme of printing superior children through a good and wise way of life in the PSBB era. The event was held virtually and was attended by parents.

Other Ways to Shape a Child’s Personality

Other Ways to Shape a Child's Personality

In addition to these things you can also form the character of your baby through several ways. First, you can praise their strength. By giving praise to your baby, it can encourage your baby to behave well. You can also try to find opportunities for your child to apply negative traits that children have in a positive way.

Second, you can help your baby build new traits. For example, when your baby cries when you see a dog, you can increase their resilience. The trick is to encourage the baby to know the dog better. Do this gradually until their fear is reduced.

Third, you can appreciate the individuality of your child. Make sure you always remember that your child has a special child personality. They have their own unique character. That’s what shaped them. Excessive pressure aimed at developing certain characters can make them feel insecure and unhappy.

For example, if your child is a shy child and a little difficult to deal with new people, you don’t have to force him to greet new people. If you do this, it will make your child feel depressed. Appreciate them as individuals. The solution you can do is to take a measurable approach. This way you can shape their character.

So some information for parents who want to develop the character of the baby. I hope this information can help. You can also share your experience or fellow smart parents who want to share fun parenting issues according to your child’s personality.

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