7 Minimalist Lifestyles, Suitable for a Frugal Life!

minimalist lifestyle tips for a frugal life

Have you ever felt this month’s spending so much? Even though since the beginning of the month you’ve been drawing up a financial plan, but how come it still swells huh? But it’s not because of the emergency fund, it’s more about the influence of your lifestyle that month. Have you lived a frugal life?.

That’s right. Your lifestyle is very influential on monthly expenses. If reviewed rationally only, to live a luxury definitely requires a greater cost. On the contrary, being well-off leads you to a simple and minimalist life.

Because of this, you should live a minimalist lifestyle, simple every day. But this is not easy because not everyone wants to learn how to live sparingly itself. Therefore, here we present saving life tips by applying a minimalist lifestyle.

1. One Object Many Functions

The first principle of a minimalist lifestyle in one object is many functions. It means if it is able to combine two to three functions in one item, why not? Besides being able to save storage space, your budget can be minimized.

When compared to buying all goods according to their respective functions, it is better to be able to integrate the functions of goods that are still related. Nowadays there are many technological innovations that make it easy for you to get multifunctional goods.

2. Buy To Taste

Who when shopping likes kebablasan? At first, I only bought one to three items. But when you get to the shopping center, everything in front of your eyes looks very tempting.

But we don’t really need these things. But because our desires are greater, we tend to obey ourselves and eventually decide to buy things outside of planning.

Well this is definitely not in accordance with the minimalist lifestyle. You’re wasting money on things you don’t need. It’s okay to buy, but make sure it fits the plan!

It is better to buy enough and refrain when in a shopping mall. If you hold back, after coming home, you won’t regret it. Because most importantly you’ve got the stuff you want, don’t you?

3. Buy Quality Goods

If you are asked to buy a lot but not quality by buying a little but quality, which one do you choose? If in terms of needs you may tend to choose a lot.

However, long term this can be fatal. Such under-quality goods make it quickly damaged. As a result you have to buy it over and over again. Even though it’s a lot of numbers but it’s broken fast, do you like it?

It would be better if you buy a little stuff but with high quality. In addition to saving money, you also contribute in reducing production waste! Because, the factory of quality goods will produce less goods because of the factor of expensive resources.

4. Take care of the Goods You Have

When you have a lot of furniture, you tend to be lazy to take care of it, don’t you? As a result, it makes the goods shorter in life. Whereas if taken care of properly, the furniture you have must last longer, more durable.

Due to the habit of refusing to care, the item becomes quickly damaged. It also indicates you are a wasteful person. Because, the useful time of goods that should be longer becomes shorter so you buy it back.

For that, take good care of the things you have. That way, you don’t buy the same item very often, or the replacement item.

5. No Need to Buy Overeating

When going on vacation, are you the type of person who likes to spend snack money to buy food? Or are you more encouraged to buy new things? Hanging out outside the house is like that’s the challenge. But to learn a minimalist lifestyle, you should not follow such a style.

It is enough to buy food and goods to taste only. If necessary it is better to bring supplies from home. That way it clearly saves expenses. In addition, you and your family are healthier because food is more nutritionally guaranteed.

Don’t let it be during the holidays you spend money to buy food. Occasionally it is permissible to try the food you just met. Even something like that you can’t miss because it could be just once.

But don’t forget to remember your holiday budget. A lot of holidays cost a lot of money one of them because of this. Again, adjust to your needs and sufficiency to live simply.

6. When On Vacation, Focus on Adding Experience

It is better if holiday activities are used to add experience, rather than looking for new items as the next purchase target. To be able to do this, your preparation must be minimalist.

But if you are in need of it, then bring it with you. If you can, you just have to bring a backpack. That way it will prevent you from carrying souvenirs that are not needed.

Focus on your vacation. Remember the place you visited and make a memory that is always attached to the place. Your vacation would have been better.

7. Discipline in Saving

Want to enjoy what you want freely? One way is to save money. A minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean banning you from sprees. This simple lifestyle only helps you to live enough, not to overdo it.

But with a lifestyle like this long term you get the benefits. The trick is to save money. When saving regularly, the amount of savings is increasing. As a result, one time you will be able to buy the items you want without the need to spend monthly money.

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Your finances are secure and you’re happy. Therefore, regularly save money, set aside some money to be used as investment in the future.

From a series of minimalist lifestyles, which one have you practiced? To get optimal results, you must have a commitment to implement them. Frugal living does not mean roughing, but being able to manage enough is needed.

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