Like Procrastination? Try 5 Second Rule Techniques to Overcome It

5 second rule to overcome procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination with Method 5 Second Rule – If it comes to having a plan already exists, but the problem in the implementation of the plan is often not as expected. None other than because of the difficulty in starting caused by the habit of procrastination.

To do so, you must immediately overcome this procrastination. Although he said “the power of kepepet” is more delicious, but you better move fast isn’t it?

Let’s know first why someone often procrastinate

the reason a person often procrastinate

Too Perfectionist

There are people who like to delay because something is considered not up to the standards that he wants. This makes a person always feel dissatisfied. As a result if you are working on the task, the task can be completed quickly. Because, he put too much emphasis on the perfection of results.

Actually perfectionists are quite good if placed in the right situations and conditions. For example, when working on something that requires detail. Of course perfectionists will do that very well.

But don’t get too perfectionist. This makes your task unfinished. Get to work and work your energy and mind on something else.

Passive Aggressive

People of this aggressive passive type tend to often feel bad about saying “no”. As a result they could have done all the things because of the bad taste. However, this can also make them forced to do so. As a result they often delay.

In life we often meet people like this. His intention was to help because it was not good if he refused. But in fact the work was not he liked so his form of help was impressed roughly.

Too Optimistic

Waduh turns optimistic to have a bad impact huh? Well that’s right because everything that’s excessive is not good. Being too optimistic means someone who does something by looking at it will always be fine. As a result he has the presumption that whenever the task is done, the results will be fine.

Well fatal if too optimistic to make you often procrastinate. Then how to solve this? How can you get rid of procrastination characters?

It turns out that there are powerful techniques to overcome procrastination! This technique is called 5 second rule.

Knowing 5 Second Rule as a Technique to Overcome Procrastination

The 5 second rule technique is a method created by Mel Robins to increase productivity.

When you have a desire, you must act immediately in five seconds. Otherwise, our brains will rule out even forgetting it altogether. Well this is what makes us lazy and procrastinate.

This productivity improvement technique can be done easily. Let’s look at the five-second rule. When you want to do something, try a 5 to one countdown. Once the count runs out, you’ll have to act immediately.

Indirectly this can trick our brain to immediately perform actions in order to achieve the goal. That way, our brains no longer work automatically or autopilot.

Tips to Apply 5 Second Rule

Tips to Apply 5 Second Rule

For those of you who are new to this term, you definitely need tips to apply this excellent rule, right? Research itself shows this technique is very powerful to overcome procrastination.

Well here are tips to apply 5 second rule.

Understand the Impulses/Instincts That Are In You

Productivity improvement techniques should be executed immediately when you have a boost. This moment can be recognized after you count down from 5 to 1.

Now to know how instinct can be followed up, it is actually an encouragement from us. If when we have instincts but the reason for procrastination is still strong, it is our instincts that will tend to lose.

Therefore, when there is encouragement, immediately practice 5 second rules. After that you will feel a strong urge to get the job done.

Overcoming Procrastination by Forcing Yourself

To be able to practice 5 second rules, you have to force yourself. Without coercion, the 5 second rule method will not work. It’s because the instinct you have has to get to work. Otherwise you’ll lose your urges in an instant.

Fighting procrastination is very difficult indeed. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone to act immediately is difficult, too. Because naturally, our brain does tend to invite towards laziness.

To do so, you need to properly control the application of your 5 second rule method. First realize that you must rise up immediately. Force yourself by instilling a mindset that others have walked far ahead of you.

That way you’ll have to be triggered to go after them. Now this kind of self-awareness is what is needed in the application of 5 second rules.

Change Your Life in Five Seconds

When you have dared to take action, this will be very useful for the next step. Although at first you are very lazy, try to gray yourself with this method. When you have succeeded once, you are also likely to see your achievements at that time.

that’s why you can make a self-accomplised for yourself. after completing a job, remember the achievements and processes you went through. Believe me you’d be proud of that position.

After repeatedly applying, you’ll get used to it yourself. At first it is very heavy but after being satisfied with the results of the work thanks to the technique of 5 second rule to overcome procrastination, you become a passionate person.

Now this is what you need to use to change your life. With a good habit, you will definitely succeed. Because, without hard work one can’t succeed, right? hard work is also obtained from good productivity.

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