How to Register Members Through Chatime App On Smartphone

Register Members Through Chatime App

Chatime, who doesn’t know this drink stand? Chatime may be familiar to our ears because arguably this beverage stand is quite famous and already spread everywhere, even in Sidoarjo area itself Chatime has opened three stands in three shopping centers namely Lippo Mall, Suncity Mall, and Ramayana.

Chatime itself usually holds promos for several menus. Sometimes the promo can be obtained if you already have a member card. It used to be that registering a member card can be done at Chatime outlets or apps, but for now member registration can only be done through the app.

For those of you who do not have a Chatime member card, the following will be reviewed on how to register a member through the Chatime app on smartphone. However, before that it will be reviewed in advance regarding the information from Chatime itself. Take a good look!

Chatime At A Glance

Chatime is a bubble tea beverage stand originating from Taiwan that has about 1,002 branches in 26 countries. In 2006, Chatime first opened a branch outside Taiwan in California, USA. With its slogan “Good Tea Good Time”, in 2013 Chatime began opening branches in more than 25 countries including Indonesia. In Indonesia itself, Chatime is held by Kawan Lama Sejahtera Group which has spread to at least 230 Chatime branches in Indonesia.

If asked if Chatime is halal, then the answer is yes. Chatime is already registered and halal certified from MUI so bubble lovers no longer have to be afraid to try the menus in Chatime because everything is halal and does not contain any prohibited ingredients.

Menu In Chatime

MEMBER Chatime

The beverage menu sold at Chatime is made from tea combined with milk, coffee and fruit flavorings. There are several variants of the menu provided by Chatime ranging from milk tea, smoothies, Tea-presso, tea rrific, Coffee & Latte, and Mood Reffresh. The size of the glass is regular and also large with different prices depending on the variant of the menu selected.

About the most famous topping is pearl/bubble/boba which is black made from tapioca flour where this toping is often ordered by buyers. However, there are various other topings provided such as pudding, aloevera jelly, red bean, rainbow jelly, coffee jelly, coconut jelly, and others. Any additional toppings will be charged starting from Rp. 4,000 to RP. 5.000. When making an order, you will be asked how much sugar you want. There are three levels of sweetness provided, namely Less, Normal, and Extra. In addition, there are also four levels of ice provided namely None, Less, Normal, and Extra. So, the buyer only mentions the desired ice level to the cashier.

Speaking of menus, Chatime has many recommended menus in each variant. Usually when buying will be notified by the cashier which menu is recomended so as not to be wrong in choosing. For milk tea variant, recomended menu there are 2 namely Chatime Milk Tea and Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea.

For tea -presso menu, recomended are Jasmine Green Tea, Black Tea, Japanese Sakura Sencha, and Matcha Tea Latte. For smoothies, the recommended menu is Mango Smoothie and Matcha Smoothie. As for the rrific tea variant, the recomended menu is Mango Green Tea and Taiwan Plum Ice Tea.

How to Register A Member Through Chatime Mobile App

There are several advantages to becoming a Chatime member, including:

  • Earn Rewards Points to redeem
  • There is a member-only promo
  • Get a special gift on a member’s birthday
  • Every time there is a promo, members will always get information
  • A variety of special offers at merchants working with Chatime. Usually the special offer can be redeemed for a member card if the merchant cooperates with Chatime

To register to become a Chatime member yourself is very easy. Immediately come to chatime stand then ask the cashier if you want to register as a member. However, currently member registration can also be done through chatime app that can be downloaded on Google Play Store or App Store. This registration is done so that the user gets the Chatime member number. Here are the steps to register a member through the Chatime app on your smartphone:

1. Download and Install Chatime app on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

MEMBER Chatime

2. Wait for the app to be installed on your phone

3. Open the app and the “Register” and “Login” options will appear. If you do not have a member, then select “Register” to register first

MEMBER Chatime

4. Select “I’m not special tea member yet” because you don’t have a member card so register first, then click “Next”. For the option “I’m a special tea member” is devoted to those who already have a member card but just install the application so that the register can be done by entering the number of the existing member card

MEMBER Chatime

5. After that will appear the display of charging personal data. Fill in the data according to the actual circumstances ranging from name, phone number, email, date of birth, place of residence, gender, status, and occupation. After that, check the “I agree to Chatime Terms and Conditions” option and click “Next”

MEMBER Chatime

6. A view appears for E-mail verification. Check and open the email to get the code. Enter the code you sent to the email you used when signing up. Click “Next”

MEMBER Chatime

7. After that a display will appear to fill in the password to be used. Enter password there are at least 8 digits and must contain uppercase, lowercase, and numbers then click “next”

MEMBER Chatime

8. Enter the address used for delivery. This step is skippable but users will need this when ordering through the app. If you want to set an address, select “Select Location”. Set the address that corresponds to the residence, click “Select this Location”. If you want to skip, click “Skip” in the top right corner.

MEMBER Chatime

9. If you prefer skip address, a view will appear about the preferred taste options. Choose a maximum of three flavors from the flavor options provided so that users can later get beverage recommendations that match what they like. After that, click “Next”

MEMBER Chatime

10. After selecting the preferred taste, there will be a view about the benefits of becoming a member along with the registration fee. Here member registration is charged Rp. 10,000 for one year. If you agree, click “Yes, Please”

MEMBER Chatime

12. Check the two columns provided. Click “Pay on My Next Order”

MEMBER Chatime

13. Then a display column will appear with the words “Pay on Your Next Order” and click “I Agree” if it agrees to the terms. Here the member card will be active after making payment for registration of Rp 10,000 on the next booking made at Chatime stand.

MEMBER Chatime

14. Registration completed. Users can order Now or Go To Home to go to the Chatime app’s homepage view.

MEMBER Chatime

When the user has made a payment, it will get a member card number that can be filled in in the menu “Already Member? Connect Now” in the account profile view in the app. Here are the steps after getting a member number:

1. Open the Chatime app. Once the app’s home view appears, select the logo that says the name used when signing up in the top-left corner or select “More” to go to the account profile view. Then select “Already Member? Connect Now”. Fill in the member card number along with the date of birth in the field provided and click “Next”

MEMBER Chatime

After filling in the card number, the user can enjoy every promo that is currently in Chatime.

Now that’s a review of how to register a member through the Chatime app on Smartphone. Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for those of you especially who want to create a Chatime member card in order to benefit from Chatime.

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