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Lobster is arguably one of the richness of the sea that has high value, including in Indonesia. Recently, in Indonesia came the case of lobster that dragged former Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Edhy Prabowo was arrested for corruption of lobster seed export or benur. Edhy was arrested by kpk at Soekarno-Hatta airport on November 25, 2020 after his return from a working visit in America.

Related to this, there are several types of rare lobsters that have been found in the world and indeed should be cultivated. Generally lobsters are black with a slight orange pattern, dark gray slightly black or turquoise. However, there are some lobsters that have a unique color and are different as in general.

Not everyone can find this rare type of lobster, only lucky people can catch this rare type of lobster. What kind of color do the rare lobsters in the world look like? Let’s take a good look at the reviews below.

1. Lobster with galaxy color

Types of Lobster galaxy

Galactic lobsters were first discovered in the waters of Papua, Indonesia. The discovery of this rare type of lobster has shocked the people of Indonesia. Because, this lobster has a very beautiful color pattern with a gradation of color between light blue and dark blue in the capitnya. On the body to the tail has a gradient of purple to reddish color accompanied by white spots that make it look like a galaxy.

There is one scientist from Germany named Christian Lukhaup interested in the existence of this type of galaxy lobster. He immediately conducted research and found that this lobster belongs to the species genus Cherax. From there, he gave the galaxy lobster a name as Cherax Pulcher. The word “Pulcher” comes from latin meaning beautiful.

Today, the galaxy lobster is arguably endangered because it is widely traded as an ornamental animal. In addition, the increasing life of papua area coupled with various environmental problems in Papua has an effect on the habitat of this type of lobster.

2. Type of lobster in neon blue

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

This rare neon blue lobster was discovered by two Canadian fishermen in 2016 off the coast of Nova Scotia. In the area, catching blue lobsters is considered a fortune.

Many things that cause blue color in this lobster such as food conditions and habitat. However, there are some lobsters that have a blue color due to genetic abnormalities derived from the parent blue lobster that contains more protein than other types of lobsters.

The chances of finding this lobster are very few because the population itself is only about one in 2 million lobsters that have a blue color. In the market, this lobster is sold at a fairly expensive price because of its population that is not easy to find.

4. Types of Lobster bright yellow color

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

This yellow lobster includes lobsters that are rarer than other lobsters. This yellow lobster, also called Calico lobster, can only be found in about 1 in 30 million lobsters in the world, even rarer than red lobsters. In 2014, a yellow lobster was rescued from a lobster tank in a supermarket to be returned to its original habitat.

This lobster has a pale yellow to bright orange yellow color. The color of this yellow lobster is obtained from the mother of yellow lobster. That color makes this lobster can not survive in the sea because it is usually targeted by predatory animals because of the color of its shell that has an attraction.

4. Yellow lobster speckled black color

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

The lobster was discovered by one of the fish market owners named Nicholas in the Pine Point area of Maine, Portland who belongs to the Calico lobster breed. This discovery is known from Nicholas who examined the catch of the sea that had just been sent. This lobster has a unique color where the shell is orange yellow with black spots all over its body ranging from the claw to the tail.

5. Rare lobster in pastel blue

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

In addition to neon blue lobsters, there are also lobsters with unique colors that were found because they were accidentally netted by a fisherman named Robinson Russell in the sea of Grand Manan island, Canada. The lobster has a sky blue or pastel base color with a gradation of pink and white color accompanied by small purple spots on its body.

The uniqueness of the color owned by this lobster seems to be due to a genetic disorder called astaxanthin containing red pigment that is commonly owned by lobsters binding to other proteins so as to create a light blue color mixed with pink.

6. Types of Two-Color Lobster

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

This type of lobster is known as “half and half” because it has two separate colors in the middle vertically, which is half orange, red and half black. Just like yellow lobster and pastel blue lobster, the color of this lobster comes from genetic mutation.

This uniquely colored lobster was discovered by a fisherman off the coast of Maine in August 2019 and then handed it over to the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. The uniqueness of lobsters that have a separate color makes this type called Halloween Lobster.

The chance to find this type of lobster is one in 50 million lobsters in the world. The two-coloured lobster was once on display at Discovery Wharf in Stonington along with two other rare types of lobsters: yellow lobster and blue lobster.

7. Bright orange lobster

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

The lobster was discovered by a chef from the Lobster and Clam Bar restaurant in Massachusetts, USA. He accidentally found this lobster in a lobster stock basket in the restaurant. This lobster is bright orane color like the color of lobster after cooking.

The chances of finding this orange lobster are arguably small because the number of these lobsters is only about 1 in 30 million lobsters in the world. Like the rare color of the lobster found, the color of this lobster comes from the genentic abnormalities of its mother.

8. Lobster red color

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

Compared to blue lobsters, this rare red lobster is less common. There are also red lobsters that live in nature but their own existence is only one in 10 million lobsters in the world. This lobster is not only red, but on its body there is a black color pattern with white spots all over its body. When this lobster is cooked, the color of this lobster changes to pink.

9. Albino lobster

Types of lobster, Lobster langka

Among the types of lobsters mentioned, albino lobster is one of the rarest lobsters. The lobster was found off the coast of Dorset, England by two fishermen. The lobster, also known as the crystal lobster, is believed to have survived for up to 30 years.

With its own color that is easy to recognize, this animal could be the target of other predators. Wild lobsters that tend to be dark in color must go incognito in order to survive let alone this albino lobster that has a white color. So, an albino lobster that can survive without camouflage is a miracle.

The rarity of this albino lobster makes the opportunity to catch in the wild about one in 100 million of all lobsters in the world. This lobster is the only lobster that doesn’t change color when cooked.

Well, that’s some of the rarest lobsters in the world ever. Which lobster attracts you the most? In terms of color alone, the lobsters above have attracted attention, certainly will not be able to eat it. It is best suited if it is used as a collection of pets. Good luck.

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