Looking for Additional Income? Here are 7 Freelance Website Recommendations

Freelance Website Recommendations, Buruan Serbu!

In times of pandemic like this, emang most palatable to add income through freelance or freelancework. Quite a lot of people who throughout the pandemic ended up taking freelancers. Well if you’re one of them, the author has seven freelancer websites that you can explore. Let’s check it out!


The first freelance website was sribulancer. This website successfully established itself as a web freelance job provider that is very popular in Indonesia. This is because this site provides the best vacancies for beginners.

You can find a variety of freelance work here, such as graphic design, website creation, article writing,and so on. Sribulancer is a website that offers payment through banks. This means it’s suitable for those of you who don’t have a credit card.

Nonetheless, this freelance site provides payments in the form of foreign currencies such as dollars. Wahh website this one is very go international yes! Let’s get to the point.


From the name alone, this website has greatly reflected its content that contains freelance job openings. This website is designed as a website to make extra money. Just for information, already has more than 32 million users!

Well with the high number of registered users, you can choose from thousands of jobs. Pantengin keeps hundreds of vacancies posted every day and take a few opportunities according to your skills.


Next there is a freelance website that you can also explore. Upwork is a cloud-based freelance job provider site. FYI, in this site, different sizes of businesses and different skill levels of freelancers you can compare.

That’s why you can filter out jobs that are qualified according to your abilities. In addition, you can also take advantage of the rating feature that can make it easier for you to distinguish which clients are trusted and which ones you should avoid.

Interestingly, there is a communication feature in the form of voice call or chat that allows you to communicate directly with the client. Meanwhile, for those of you who start a beasr project, you can use the group chat feature, just like whatsapp group yes!


Hayo you want to be a freelance writer or usually called freelance writer. From the name alone, this website directs you to become a writer. A wide variety of writer’s vacancies can be found here.

For example, about writing articles in online media to scientific reports. In addition, the site also provides supporting tools. For example keyword optimization, content planner, content analytics, and so on. It’s perfect to help with your writing work, isn’t it? Interested in trying? Don’t forget to just visit the official website in


You’re a designer or have other artistic talents? If so, site is suitable for those who want to increase income. The working system in this website is like a contest. You submit your work and then the clients will choose which work they like.


The next freelance website is This website is a trusted freelance job provider site. Here you can find freelance work in various fields, such as social media, seaarch engine optimization, information technology, authorship, design, and much more.

The point is that there are many jobs in the digital field that you have the potential to register. Even the project can reach millions of you! Well in addition to work, you can also do trade transactions digial products. Misanya ebook, software, website design, and more. In this case your role as an employer.

Well in this website will be met by job seekers and employers. Try to go directly to the website then register an account and find the job opportunities that you really are. Oh yes one more, there is an affiliate program that can give commissions up to 20 percent of the price of the project you know!

7. Teacher

What comes to mind when you hear a teacher’s website? Eits just so you know, it turns out that this website is a freelance website that has more than three million users loh, very popular is not it?

Of course with millions of users, the site always makes sure the accounts that sign up are trusted freelancers. This is so that clients can find the right people they need.

The trick is to verify the profile of each registrant in this website. Well when it comes to payments, you don’t worry. Teachers have four methods of calculating wages, namely wages per project, hourly wages, wages per task, to regular wages or salaries.

Well that’s seven freelance websites for those of you who are looking for freelance work as an additional income. Just point to the official web and find your chance!

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