Make Drool! These 5 Contemporary Croissant Creations For Casual Coffee Buddies

Make Drool! These 5 Contemporary Croissant Creations For Casual Coffee Buddies

Although classic croissants aren't short of fans, the rise of contemporary croissants also tempts anyone to taste them. From croffle to bicolor croissants that went viral. Croissants themselves are a typical French pastry that is said to have been around since the 19th century. Its characteristics are in the form of hollow layers in it.

Now the creation of croissants is growing to allow it to be combined with other foods to become an attractive hybrid food. Here are five contemporary croissant creations that can be the choice of friends at home.

Salted Egg Croissant

This creation is very popular in 2016, this salted egg croissant can also still be found in some bakeries until now. When cleaved, the croissant filling in the form of salted egg yolk sauce will come out. The taste itself is a blend of savory, slightly sweet and creamy, best to eat while still warm.


This one food hybrid had become the talk of the world, until the name of the inventor, chef Dominique became so popule and successful in opening a bakery in several countries. Cronut is a blend of croissants and doughnuts, shaped like a doughnut, but the inside is a soft but crunchy croissant dough on the outside.

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First this creation comes in a choice of rose vanilla flavors, then following other flavors such as blackberry lime and lemon maple. Unfortunately, foodies in Indonesia have not been able to taste the original cronut made by Ansel because the bakery only exists in Hong Kong and New York.


The next contemporary croissant is croffle, which until now is still a trend. This blend of croissant and waffle is baked on a waffle grill that makes it have a distinctive checkered shape. In Indonesia it is very easy to find, the choice of flavors and toppings is also diverse. Starting from cinnamon sugar, choco crunch, almond maple, to peanut butter &jelly.

Croissant Cube

As the name suggests, this one creation is cube-shaped and has its own sensation when cutting it. When cut, the layered and hollow dough typical of croissants will be clearly visible. Usually this one pastry will be added various toppings or stuffing.

Croissant Bicolor

This contemporary croissant steals the show because of its blend of two colors. Not only is chocolate a classic croissant, there are also other color interseretions such as red and green that make it look more beautiful.

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