Planting Media For PotTed Plants, Anything?

Planting Media For PotTed Plants

Planting Media For PotTed Plants – Planting place as a supporting component used to hold the life of plant seeds or flower seedlings. Some of the elements contained in it are really beneficial for the change of plant organs. The place of plants is not only a component that is intended for plants that are implanted in a potting place only, but a special component for the change and development of all plants. essentially, planting media as a series of several elements that are useful for change or plants. However, in this review, the material that will be detailed is increasingly focused on the planting media that will be used for plants that are implanted in potting.

Ornamental plants,flowers, leaves and trees that are planted inside in pots are really bordered on the room, this results in its development can be melamban. Therefore to avoid some things that are not expected therefore you or anyone who wants to start gardening must know first what planting media is appropriate for plants in the pot place, so that plants can grow properly.

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Kinds of Planting Media For PotTed Plants

A good planting place for plants there are nutrients and mineral materials that can meet the needs of plants. Which is a good planting place contained many micro organisms that are useful to detail the variety of elements that exist in the planting place, until the planting place can be absorbed by the root side. therefore lopers will refer some planting media commonly used by flower farmers from Jakarta. Here are the details:

1. Fertile soil

Planting Media For PotTed Plants
Fertile Land

It is no secret that groups of flower farmers and related in it often use fertile soil as a medium of planting crops in potting places, because fertile soil can store a large number of substances needed for crops. elements in fertile soil can increase the productivity of leaves and flowers.

In it the content of fertile soil there is a mineral substance, nutrients and bodies that are most beneficial for the development of plants. Fertile soil that is often used by flower farmers generally comes from mountainous areas, because the soil from the mountain has a loose structure to make it easier for the roots to breathe

2. Humus

humus soil

Humus as the most fertile soil for plants counted with ornamental plants, because it has a formation similar to compost fertilizer. This is because HUMUS is a soil created from the loss of leaves and stalks of trees, and there is a mixture of natural-made animal excrement or cheating

Humus planting media generally has a dark color that is: blackish brown and has a smooth and loose structure that contains many substances such as phenols, carboxylic acid, hydroxide and aliphatics. Of course with some of those substances, humus soil will be suitable when used as a planting medium, especially plants in the potting place

3. Black husks

black husk planting media
Black Chaff

Husks as rice waste that has often been used by farmers of Jakarta ornamental plants as a planting medium. which usage reaches 90%, this is because farmers have the opinion “husks as one of the most suitable planting media for various types of ornamental plants or flower seedlings. But what is meant by husks that are interpreted here is black husks or husks that are burned. Black husks can play a role in improving the physical, chemical and biological makeup in the soil, which some recognize by the call of charcoal husks

This planting medium is able to have and increase the porosity of the soil until the soil becomes loose and able to absorb nutrition well. Because the burnt husk really has a high pourositas therefore loper really recommend it as a medium of planting flower plants or plants such as leaves

4. Manure

manure Planting media

Manure planting media that is often used for potted plants is manure from garbage / goat manure. But generally farmers who wear it will wait until it is dry. Because manure has a high nitrogen element. which impacts if directly used really has the effect of plants so dry. manure that has been dried / cooked can be brown color with the hardest structure. Generally manure planting place that will be used about 20% in the pot place, really useful to grow leaves and branches

5. Cocopeat

cocopeat planting media

Cocopeat is often said to be coconut waste, because this cocopeat comes from the industry that then goes into the process of washing, heating, filtration and then careful checking. When before processing into cocopeat planting media will be separated to various levels of granules and density then go into the packing stage.

In general cocopeat is wrapped in the form of plastic packages, sacks, or has been mixed with other planting media. But some often improvise it by making it as a straight board or straight disc. The use of cocopeat as a planting medium should generally be combined with several other planting media

6. Raw rice husks

Raw rice husks
Raw rice husks

Raw rice husks as a hard arrangement that includes kariopsis consisting of 2 halves mentioned lemma and palea are equally intertwined. In the process of grinding rice husks will be separated from the grain of rice and so the remaining material or milling waste. Chemical formations in rice husks are:

  • Water content
  • Coarse protein
  • fat
  • Coarse fiber
  • ash
  • Basic carbohydrates
  • (charcoal)
  • hydrogen
  • oxygen
  • Silica

chemically made a lot of sure you can think for yourself if raw husks are used as a planting medium for plants. Therefore, it is not wrong if Jakarta ornamental plant farmers use it as a special planting medium.

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