Mood Swing Is Not Bipolar, Know The Difference and How to Overcome It

mood swing and bipolar

You have a friend who is suddenly sad when previously very cheerful? Or are you like this? Well the condition is called mood swing. This mood swing turns out to be often mistaken for bipolar disorder. But the two are different. For more details let’s see the following explanation.

Mood Swing

Mood swing or mood swing is a situation when you feel the atmosphere of your day change suddenly. For example, when you feel happy then suddenly sad or turn angry.

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Usually this happens in a relatively fast time. You also spontaneously indicate a change in mood. This can be triggered by the condition of your current environment.

Causes of Mood Swing

But not infrequently we also ask why this happens. You must also be wondering, why the mood suddenly changed huh? It turns out that there are a number of causes that can trigger your mood swing.

1. Stress

Stress often causes many things to be hampered, mentally disturbed, even physical to drop. Stressful conditions can be triggered by a number of factors, such as stress and a lot of thoughts. Stress can also be caused because you feel unable to think clearly anymore so many things are thought.

If you’re stressed, your body isn’t optimal. As a result your way of responding to a small thing will be different. You tend to be irritable and offended. Whereas in nornal conditions, it is certainly handled fine.

2. Unbalanced hormones

Hormonal balance changes are felt for example when PMS for women. In such conditions you usually feel more sensitive. Usually just talking about a small thing makes your mood bad.

When in this condition you should enjoy your own time. It’s good to entertain yourself with the things you love.

3. Irregular hours of sleep

Hayo who likes to stay up late? Or not staying up late, are you the type of person who has trouble sleeping or insomnia? Hmm you should start avoiding staying up late with no clear purpose.

This causes you to sleep irregularly. This can decrease the brain’s ability to receive and respond to information so that your mood will also be affected. As much as possible have a regular sleep schedule yes.

How to Overcome Mood Swing

Mood swings are a tiring condition for those who often experience these rapid mood swings. Not infrequently it inhibits productivity and interferes with relationships with others.

You will also feel uncomfortable when the mood suddenly changes quickly. Don’t worry, you can try the following mood swings.

1. Write down what you’re feeling

Make no mistake, writing can be one of the efforts to heal and restore the mood that is not good! When writing you can freely pour feelings without getting tired of communicating to others.

Therefore writing becomes an alternative solution to overcome mood swing.try to write down anything you are feeling right now. With your efforts to pour out your heart through writing, may it make you feel relieved.

2. Take a break and breathe

Remember one of the triggers of a bad mood is stress. It could be that you’re pushing yourself and your mind too hard to keep working. As a result, your body will react, including the way you behave.

Therefore, the solution is to take a break. The goal is for you to focus on the positive. Taking time to rest makes you more relaxed and able to set the mood to return to normal.

3. Listening to music can overcome mood swing

In addition to writing and taking breaks, listening to music can be a way to overcome your mood swing! Who doesn’t love music? The sound of music that is so soothing can restore the mood for the better.

There’s also the kind of music that gets you excited. In addition, the music accompanied by more lyrics that relate to you of course sapat restore your mood for the better.

4. Do yoga

You must know that exercise has many benefits for the body. As long as it is done in the right portion, exercise can be a mainstay to get optimal physique. But the problem for those of you who are reluctant to exercise should be how ya?

Relax, you can do a light exercise that is yoga. Focusing yourself on one activity (mindfulnes) makes you more awake for a certain period of time. By doing yoga, you are guaranteed to feel calmer so that you can improve your mood so that you do not get worse.

5. Seek professional help

If your mood swing feels too disruptive, it doesn’t hurt to seek help from a professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Both professions tend to be feared because of stigma, those who go there are would-be lunatics.

But the name of the consultation does not hurt, does it? Anyway it’s for your own good. If by consulting you get better, why not?

Mood Swing as a Bipolar Trigger

Did you know that excessive mood swings can be one of the symptoms of mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder and depression. That is, mood swing is not the same as bipolar. What’s more appropriate is that rapid mood changes can trigger bipolar disorder.

Don’t just diagnose that you’re bipolar. Because self-diagnosis is also an unwise act. It would be better if you try to improve the mood swing by doing positive activities everyday.

Without having to go to a psychologist or diagnose bipolar, you can handle it yourself. If you are committed, these mood swing conditions can have many lessons and wisdom that you can later take.

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