Here’s How to Overcome mood swing

Here's How to Overcome mood swing

What’s the mood swing? Mood swing or drastic mood changes are often experienced by teenagers. This is because of the emotional turmoil with the situation that is suddenly present. Mood swing can be in a positive or negative direction. However, in general, usually mood swing will greatly interfere with a person’s productivity.

It’s not just teenagers who often experience mood swings. Those who are still in poor condition and do not think long when making decisions can also be characterized by experiencing mood swing.

Mood Swing and Its Dangers

It can be said that mood swing is a natural thing. However, if the mood swing gradually continues, it could be a hallmark of mental disorders. For example, a person has the potential to experience depression or bipolar as a result of this disorder.

Although not directly impacted, continuous mood swing disorder can be dangerous. Just information, bipolar and depression are diseases due to psychological distress that are the main triggers for suicide.

Therefore, an effective swing mood is required. Because, if left alone, mood swing not only interferes with productivity, but also hinders you from achieving success.

Looking for Activities That Can Make You Forget Your Anger

Mood swings are usually triggered by unpleasant things. For example, such as the speech of someone who is less than happy or even upset by disappointment. Both came suddenly and unexpectedly.

As a result, the spontaneous reaction is a mood condition that decreases to bad. If you let it go, this instantaneous mood swing is very damaging throughout your day. The solution is that you should look for activities that can make you forget about the upset.

An example is doing a hobby or activity that’s fun for you. Although moving on from the upset is not easy, but trying to do something new can restore your good mood.

At least this can divert the feelings of sadness that are being felt. If you’re not ready, try your day by browsing through new media that interests you enough. That way, you have unconsciously forgotten the upset.

Causes of Mood Swing

How to cope with mood swing? The best way to overcome mood swing is to know the cause. Good or bad mood you can recognize. When in a day or a time your mood is so good and pleasant, try to maintain the situation.

Presuming, it’s the condition that causes your mood to hold up well. Conversely, when experiencing unpleasant things, your mood may change for the less well. However, the important point is that you already know the cause of this mood change.

That way, in the future you can manage how you should behave if the condition reappears. With that experience and analysis of causes you can finally determine how to improve your mood.

Try to review this cause. The goal is for you to survive in a positive mood so that you stay productive. Know the cause of this swing mood, do not let the daily schedule be abandoned because it can not overcome the swing mood.

Enjoy Enough Favorite Food and Rest

In addition to how to overcome mood swing by applying positive habits, you should also maintain physical health. The way with enough rest. Sleepless privation is your reason for forgetting your negative mood.

Usually someone who is sad will dissolve in sleep and when waking up the mood is quite improved. Why can’t sleep make you forget a little bit about what you’re going through before bed, right?

In addition, eating foods you like can be your normal mood generator. When it’s not good, mood swing can be overcome by eating a lot of food that you like. Have you ever heard of an angry girl usually eating into her sning?

Well, that’s how a favorite food picture can be a negative mood remedy. However, don’t eat too much on this occasion yes. The danger is that if you just wake up after you get better, it’s not your weight.

Do a Healthy Lifestyle

An unstable mood state can be triggered by hormones. It can also be for women who are pms, it is this hormone that increases sharply. In such conditions, it is best not to add women to be angry yes.

Well for women who experience mood swing because of STDs, you can do sports. Exercise that provides sweat intake for the body can improve mood. Don’t have to exercise heavily, just do light exercise like jogging.

At least this exercise can normalize negative mood trigger hormones. In addition, exercising regularly can reduce the likelihood of stress. Because, someone who exercises will certainly enjoy running it.

Try Consulting a Psychologist or Psychiatrist

how to cope with mood swing by consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist
If the mood swing is severe, try consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist.

As previously informed, a severe mood swing can be a trigger for depression and bipolar. A person with this mental disorder is most likely unable to live a normal life. Because, mentally this is very important in daily life.

Going to a psychologist or psychiatrist is the right choice. Through this mental health staff, you can consult related to mood swing problems that you experience very often. Psychologists or psychiatrists will also provide feedback on what handlers are appropriate.

This type of mood swing needs to be addressed immediately. Usually mental disorders are difficult to heal if only applying habits independently. Therefore, you can try following the advice of the psychologist or psychiatrist.

After consultation, you also usually get regular supervision regarding your mental development. This condition will improve when you regularly take medication and perform treatment techniques according to the mental health personnel.

Mood swing is actually a natural thing. However, if the mood swing can be a boost to your productivity. Worse, mood swing can characterize mental disorders such as bipolar and depression. To that end, immediately do how to overcome the swing mood. Take care of your mental health by keeping it positive.

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