More Romantic! It’s The Inspiration of Flower Decoration at Home

7 Ways to Create a Beautiful Room with Flower Decoration

Flower decoration is one type of room decoration that is the dream of many people both as an interior and exterior. Flowers seem to have their own magnets for everyone so there have been many crafts that choose flowers as the material.

To choose flowers as material from the decoration of the room, it is not an arbitrary thing and needs to be selective in its selection. Because each flower has its own characteristics and meanings that can cause the decoration of flowers to be not beautiful if you choose the wrong one.

But you don’t have to worry, here we will give you some references for you to start decorating. Without costing too much or techniques that are too difficult, here are 7 beautiful flower decorations that are simple and economical.

1. Flowers in Ribbon-Bound Vases

Does the table in your house seem too monotonous and unattractive to you to look at? Of course it will make the atmosphere of the house less comfortable and you need to improve it. Flower decoration can be your choice. With a beautiful vase of flowers, you place it on the table. The presence of flower vases will be able to be a positive force for empty and monotonous tables.

Also give flowers that match the choice of white color that is able to give light to the room. The selection of ribbons as details will also be an attraction in the room.

2. Plastic Flowers and Tea Pots

Plastic Flowers and Tea Pots
Plastic Flowers and Tea Pots

Do you have a tea pot that you no longer use? If so, don’t rush to throw it away or give it to someone else. You can recycle it to become a perfect vase of flowers. Of course it will be an attraction in itself compared to using the usual vase of flowers.

In addition to the selection of plastic flowers in this case is an important thing. Because as we know that plastic punga besides cheap is also more durable. You just need to match the flower decoration with the tea pot color you have.

3. Flowers in Mason Vase jar

Mason jar is a common material for the use of flower decoration. Its flexible and inexpensive nature is of more value to mason jars in lieu of vases. Generally you can find mason jar as sambal packaging or as jam packaging. If you don’t have one, you can buy mason jars at stores that provide packaging or at online stores.

To use mason jar as flower vase, you just need to remove the cover and fill mason jar with water. After that, you can put your favorite flowers into mason jar. You can place the mason jar in an empty place.

4. Flower Hanger on The Door of the House

If you feel your door is too empty and needs special details, you can make it even more attractive with the placement of hanging flower decorations. The material you need is a used umbrella that you no longer use that will later become a container for flowers.

If you have got the umbrella you need, now give the nail as a place to hang the umbrella. After that you need to think about the right color combination in the selection of flowers. You can choose warm, cold, or natural color combinations. Warm colors generally give a bright look because of the combination of warm which generally has pastel colors.

5. Hanging Flower Decoration from Used Vase

If there is an empty space on the wall, it would be better to fill it with some details such as hanging flower decorations. The material you need you are wire or thread that has a length according to the empty wall. After that tie the wire or thread to the side of the wall.

Wear a vase that is still useful for later you use as a flower hanger. Attach the hook to the vase so that it can hang on the available thread or wire. After that, all you have to do is give the vase a beautiful flower that you have hung in order to be perfect.

6. Decorative Flower Paper on the Wall

Paper Flower Decoration in Dindin

It’s not just lizards perched on walls. You can provide details such as decoration of paper flowers so that your walls do not haya as a place where lizards pass by. All you need is paper that is colored according to the color of your wall. If the color of the walls of the house is white, it will be easier to combine the colors.

You can learn how to fold flowers through the art of folding paper from Japan commonly referred to as Origami. Now, there is no need to study in Japan to learn the arts. You can find how to fold origami flower through the internet and apply it. When the paper flowers are ready, you can arrange them directly on the walls of your home.

7. Flower Decoration with Recycled Materials

Flower Decoration with Recycled Materials
Flower Decoration with Recycled Materials

You can use any used bottle as a flower vase. Better made of glass. All you have to do is arrange the used bottles side by side and give them flowers. Place it on an empty window, table, or space that requires decoration.

How? Are the 7 floral decoration references above still not giving you inspiration in decorating the room of your home? Of course you can combine with each other to produce something new.

You just need to dig deeper into the idea and customize it to your taste. You can combine flowers with figures, acrylic techniques, or even make use of chemical liquids such as resins. Good luck.

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