Mortgage Application Checklist

Mortgage Application Checklist

Typically here are the items needed to get your mortgage started.  This check list is very handy to follow to help with a speedy refi or a home purchase.  Some lenders may vary in the items that they ask for depending upon your financial situation and type of loan applying for, but here are the basics.

  1. Signed application
  2. Signed good faith estimate
  3. Signed authorization form
  4. Signed Escrow Waiver
  5. Signed Privacy Policy
  6. W-2
  7. Most recent paystubs (one month)
  8. Proof of Identification (only one document for the below list is needed
    a. Valid Permanent Drivers License (front and back)
    b. Valid U.S. Passport (front and page with picture ID)
    c. Valid U.S. Military Identification Card (front and back)
    d. Valid Resident Alien Card (front and back) 
  9. If Self-Employed: Copies of complete signed last two years 1040’s signed (Federal Tax Returns) with all schedules and a current year to date profit and loss statement/balance sheet.
  10. Most recent bank statement ALL PAGES
  11. Homeowner’s insurance agent name and number
  12. Name and phone number of title co. / closing agent  – When selecting your title company, make sure they will request payoff information.
  13. Pay Off information for your current mortgage.
  14. Property tax bill – If available
  15. If known – Year built, Acreage, Condo, Dues

Here’s a general mortgage application check list and the list may vary depending upon the mortgage company you choose.  Good luck and make sure you shop for the best rate and fees for your mortgage it could save you thousands of dollars down the road. Feel free to pring this mortgage application check list.

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