Must WFH, Here’s a Comfortable And Simple Workspace Design Idea

Comfortable And Simple Workspace Design

In the midst of the current conditions, some companies enforce the Work From Home system for some of its workers. It was done to follow government policy while breaking the chain of spread of the covid-19 virus. With this system, inevitably one has to do his work from home. However, not many people have a workspace in their home. Got an interesting workspace design idea?

For that, one must have a private workspace at home. The advantage of it all is that one can design the workspace according to his own wishes, even in the middle of this pandemic, one is advised to do Home Decoration So That Families Are More At Home During the Pandemic.

Make use of Empty Spaces

You can use the empty space in your home for a temporary workspace. Regarding the design itself, there is no need to overdo it. Simply design a workspace as minimal as possible but still comfortable to use because by designing a room that suits our wishes is believed to have an effect on performance at work and certainly make us more comfortable even though working from home. Here are ideas that can be used in designing a comfortable workspace at the same time to our liking. Let’s take a good look!

Comfortable And Simple Home Workspace Design Ideas

Workspace Design
1. Design workspaces with favorite colors

If we have a workspace at home, we can design it to our liking. We can choose from wall paint, furniture, table accessories, and other items that match the favorite color to be placed in the monkey room. This is certainly very different from the existing workspace in the office that has a boring design. With a design that suits our wishes certainly helps increase the spirit in doing the work even from home

2. Use bright colors on the walls of the workspace

Nowadays, the concept of the room that is again viral is an aestethic minimalist room where in the room the arrangement of goods is very neat and minimal as possible. Usually this aestethic concept ranging from color paint, furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards, sofas, wall wallpapers, and others have matching colors or related. For example, you can use white or light brown wall colors where the colors are widely used by people to redesign the room.

The use of bright wall colors is considered to help improve the work of the brain so that we will be easy to concentrate in doing the work. In addition, the bright color on the walls of the room can affect a person’s mood. With a good mood and concentration certainly makes us will be eager to finish our work that accumulates.

3. Use a chair with a comfortable design

The advantage of working from home is that we no longer need to feel the office chair that is sometimes hard that makes us in pain when sitting down. Working from home means we will use a private workspace that has been designed to our liking including chairs. We can choose our own chair which certainly provides comfort for us when working. Nowadays, there are many seat designs for work on the market. Just how we are looking for a chair that is really comfortable to use at the same time according to the concept of a workspace at home. Comfortable seats will certainly make us more comfortable to work.

4. Put some scented candles in the workspace

Comfort in work is the most important thing. Even though we work from home, we must still think about comfort when working. After designing a room with favorite colors and the use of comfortable chairs, putting some scented candles can be an option to complete the design of the workspace at home.

You can use candles with a preferred aroma. Choose a soothing aroma. Not only does it have a soothing aroma, choose candles that have an attractive shape and design. In addition to being an ornament, the attractive shape of the candle can be used as an object of scenery when we feel saturated with a lot of work. When it starts to stress, you can start lighting candles around the workspace so that the atmosphere can calm down again.

5. Workspace design with supporting lighting

When designing a workspace, look for a room that gets enough lighting from the sun in the morning because it can create healthy and cool working room conditions. Also make sure your workspace has a window large enough for easy air circulation in and out.

For use at night, avoid using lights that produce bright light. You can use a table lamp that’s more focused on one area. Choose a table lamp that fits the design concept of your workspace. Don’t forget to adjust the color to your favorite color or color that supports the concept of the room.

6. Add sofa bed or single sofa

If the work piles up often we forget to rest. In fact, many people sometimes fall asleep on the table due to being too tired with the many reports to be done and very lazy to get out of the work chair.

With a sofa bed or single sofa in the work space at home can at least be used by someone if tired with all the work and want to rest for a while while gathering energy. Look for a sofa bed or single sofa that fits the concept used in designing a workspace to make everything look matching.

7. Choose the bookcase that suits your needs

Bookshelves can also be used as a support for the design of our workspace. Choose a bookshelf with a design that fits the concept of our workspace. If you want a minimalist room design, you can use a bookshelf of iron or floating. The design of the bookshelf will give a spacious impression on the work space even though the room is a little narrow in fact.

8. The design of the workbench to be used

Work desk is the main furniture that must be in the workspace. When choosing a work desk to use, it is best to choose based on its usefulness and comfort. If used in a narrow room, you can use a work desk that can be folded into the wall. In addition, a work desk with a lot of storage or storage is also suitable for a minimalist workspace. Keep in mind is to make sure that the height of the table should match the body so as not to make the body become tired when working.

9. Put carpets to show the impression of a relaxing workspace

Carpets are usually placed in the living room or bedroom. The use of carpets in the workspace is very rare. Whereas by putting carpets in the work space of the house will give a homey impression as well as comfort for those who are working. This will not be obtained in the workspace in the office.

10. Put some wall ornaments
workspace design, ide desain

Putting some ornaments on the wall can be an option in designing a workspace at home. Choose the ornaments that are needed only. With these ornaments can beautify our personal work space at home.

11. Put some plants as decorations

Nowadays, designing a room by putting plants as decorations is the right choice. The presence of plants in this workspace can cool our minds when we are stressed with work. Not only that, this plant can make the room fresh and certainly can increase concentration.

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What about the ideas above? Do you still hesitate to design a workspace at home? If you are one of the workers who work from home, the ideas in this article are certainly useful. You can design the workspace to your liking from now on. Good-bye!

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