Need Inspiration? This Is Cafe Hidden Gem In Jakarta

Cafe Hidden Gem In Jakarta

Nowadays, drinking coffee is considered as the lifestyle of most people. No wonder, many interesting cafes are increasingly mushrooming in various cities, not least Jakarta. Almost in every corner of the capital, you can find a variety of cafes. Starting from coffe-to-go to café with various variants of the current menu. Among the contemporary cafes that banyan found today, there is a hidden gem café in Jakarta that is unique.

‘Hidden gem’ itself is not always mandatory to be located in a hidden place, but also offers a unique atmosphere that is unexpected. Well, for those of you who need a new atmosphere after a long WFH, here’s a hidden gem café that can be visited in Jakarta.

Forest Themed, Arborea Cafe Offers a Natural Atmosphere

In the middle of a bustling city of offices and skyscrapers, there is a café with a forest nuance in Jakarta. Arborea Cafe carries the concept of a café in the middle of the forest with a cool and natural feel. The atmosphere of the beautiful environment and supported by a uniquely shaped building minimalist style all wood, making it more comfortable.

For those who like to hunt Instagramable photos, Arborea Cafe is the place to be. In addition to the outdoor, there is also an indoor room that is no less cozy. In addition to coffee, this place also offers a variety of western menus to typical snacks nusantara for friends to relax while sipping a cup of coffee.

Yamalu, Cafe Hidden Gem In Beautiful Jakarta

The location is on Jalan Deplu Raya, you can find one of the cafes that can make anyone feel at home hanging out. The theme is “surrounded by luscious greenery” or beautiful with greenery.

The atmosphere of the garden is not only suitable for hanging out, but also very comfortable to complete the task. If you don’t want to sit indoors, there’s also an outdoor seating option. In addition to coffee, there are also many other menus that fill the stomach, such as spaghetti, sandwiches, salads, to beef ribs soup.

Gordi HQ, Industrial Style Cafe

Another hidden gem café in Jakarta is Gordi HQ which is industrial interior style with a ‘picnic’ feel in the outdoor. Kusi and wooden tables make the indoor area more homey. As for those who want to feel the feel of a picnic, there is a oudoor section with a small table on green grass.

Not only the nuances and the place is comfortable, the menu and coffee are also quality. Gordi HQ has a vision to introduce Indonesian home coffee roasters. So the quality of coffee beans is no doubt.

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Those are some hidden gem cafes in Jakarta that can be used as a destination when you want to go out of the house to find new inspiration but still comfortable and supportive to do the task.

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