Not Just Football, Italian Food Is Also Interesting!

Italian Food

The country that has just brought home the 2020 European Cup also has a series of special dishes that are guaranteed to be curious. Typical Italian food itself has been recognized as having high quality in every dish.

Not infrequently, Italian food is often associated as a type of expensive food with five-star quality. Wondering what Italian food is famous and the best? Check it out below!

  1. Gnocchi

This dish is one of the favorites of most people and is commonly found in various Italian restaurants in various countries. in fact, gnocchi are a type of dumpling made with a variety of styles and flavors. There are gnocchi with meat fillings, but some contain vegetarian-only vegetables.

2. Ravioli

Food lovers are certainly familiar with the name of this dish. Ravioli were originally an Italian food that later flourished and became popular in Roman times. This food is made from spinach and ricotta. This typical Italian food is perfect for vegetarians who do not eat meat. For serving, ravioli are usually served in small portions.

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3. Carbonara Paste

Carbonara pasta is sure to be a familiar dish to the ears. Not only italian specialty restaurants, almost all restaurants today also serve it. Because it is usually served in a portion is not too large, then it is not surprising that some cafés that provide snacks menu also have it on the menu list. One of the characteristics of This Italian food is its thick cream that makes pasta taste more savory and unique.

4. Margherita Pizza

Pizza is indeed popular as one of the typical Italian food and can be found easily all over the world. In fact, so popular many home industries sell it with recipes that have been modified to taste. Margherita pizza itself is a simple Italian-style pizza and has been ingrained in the country. No wonder every house in Italy has its own margherita pizza recipe.

5. Linguine

Linguine is one type of pasta that is no less popular with spaghetti. Italians seem to love the pasta-made dishes served with dank rim sauce. Linguine itself also looks similar to fettucini, one of the famous types of linguine is Linguine Alle Vongole which is made from a mixture of shellfish and other ingredients.

6. Tiramisu Cake

It turns out that one of the cakes that is very famous as a friend of coffee is from Italy. Tiramisu is a dish that combines cake and cream. Many restaurants in their home countries serve this cake as a dessert with ice cream as a complement. The soft, sweet and slightly bitter vanilla cream makes this italian food a worldwide favorite.

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