Orangutans, Habitats and Unique Facts

Orangutans, Habitats and Unique Facts

Orangutans or orangutans are the only type of ape in asia. This animal only exists in Indonesia, precisely located on the island of Kalimantan and Sumatra. There are two species of this ape: Pongo abelii and Pongo pygmaeus. Pongo abelii is an orangutan that comes from the island of Sumatra while Pongo pygmaeus comes from the island of Borneo (Borneo).

Characteristics of the shape of an Orangutan

Sumatran Orangutans(Pongo abelii)

Sumatran orangutan
Sumatran orangutan

This type of ape has a height for males 120 – 150 cm and females 100 – 120 cm. Weight for males 50 – 90 (in the wild) 120 kg more (quarantined) and females 30 – 60 kg. The body color is reddish-brown blackish and the beard is red to orange. The physical appearance is very unique there are eyelashes around the eyes and the shape of small ears. Tall body, matted hair and long sleeves. The shape of the hands and feet is small elongated, suitable for holding the branches of the tree. Age 8 years or 15 years to age 20 years.

Bornean Orangutans(Pongo pygmaeus)

Bornean Orangutan
Bornean Orangutan

This species has almost the same body shape as the Sumatran species. But there are some very striking parts to distinguish it. On the face of a male orangutan has a temple that enlarges like a pillow, so that his face looks large. Jakun in Bornean orangutans can grow so that they can make a unique sound. The color of the fur is also different, bornean orangutans are darker than Sumatra.

Currently Sumatran and Bornean orangutans (borneo) are very threatened. The World Conservation Union (IUCN Red List 2007/ IUCN Red List 2007) classifies the Bornean orangutan as endangered, while in Sumatra it has been classified as critically endangered. This extinction is due to the destruction of orangutan habitat.

Causes of Damage to Orangutan Habitat

Habitat Orangutan
Habitat Orangutan
  1. Land clearing. New land clearing that is careless can threaten the habitat of this animal. Many Indonesians are less concerned with the environmental conditions. They do an instant way in clearing land to be used as settlements or plantations. One of the most fatal ways people are by burning.
  2. Illegal Logging. The word illegal logging may be familiar to us. Tree theft and illegal logging are very rife in Indonesia. According to UNESCO data, Indonesia is one of the countries experiencing the largest reduction of tropical forests in the world. With the widespread destruction of forests, it automatically affects the orangutan ecosystem. Not only that, it can lead to unexpected natural disasters.
  3. Poaching. The lack of forest supervision in Indonesia makes hunting for rare animals occur. Indirectly we cannot blame the government. Imagine how vast the forests in Indonesia are. We just hope that the hunting of these animals can be criminalized.
  4. Illegal sale of animals. In Indonesia there is still rampant illegal sale of animals. Many protected animals are sold freely. We hope the government can monitor and minimize this case.

If you still don’t care about this animal, you may not know what its uniqueness is. At first glance this animal looks creepy or maybe you don’t know it yet. The saying is that you don’t know, you don’t love it. Try you are a little more familiar with this animal, there is a understanding of the various uniqueness that you will encounter from orangutans.

Interesting and Unique Facts about Orangutans

  • Shy. This animal has a shy nature, usually they will hide themselves when they see creatures that they have never met. So if you hear anyone claiming to have been attacked by this animal is questionable. If this is true, it may be that the surrounding residents disturb their natural habitat, so this animal is forced out of the forest to forage.
  • Way of Life. Another uniqueness is that the way of life of this animal is not similar to gorillas or chimpanzees in groups, but semi-solitary. Semi-solitary can be alone or in pairs. So if you look directly there will definitely be orangutans who go everywhere alone. If you see more than one, it means that the animal is with its partner or child with its mother. In addition, this animal is also an aborealanimal, meaning that it spends more often in trees.
  • Communication. This animal is able to call its friend with a very distinctive voice. Of course the sound was only understandable to this type of animal. If you can understand maybe you’re an orangutan. The communication distance can reach 1 km, well equivalent to Handy talkie. The throat sac in this animal is so large that it can make such sounds. Usually the communication is used when calling friends, calling females and warning other creatures not to enter its territory.
  • You can use tools to survive. This animal is able to use a log as a stick used to take food. In addition they can also use leaves to cover themselves from rain and sunburn. There is something more unique, namely the Sumatran orangutan is able to detect the presence of honey using a stick.
  • Reproduction. The reproduction of this animal is so slow, in contrast to other primates. For a female can only give birth when aged 6-10 years. While the process contains about 9 months, very similar to humans. Not only that orangutans once give birth to a maximum of only one tail and the baby can only live independently when the age of 6-7 years. If the maximum lifespan of these animals is 45 years then they only have 3 offspring in their lifetime. You can imagine how slow their regeneration is.
  • How to move. Although these animals can walk on both feet, they rarely do so. They can move quickly when swinging on branches and roots of trees or commonly called brachiating.
  • Slackers. This animal is very happy to sleep when in a full state. They are able to sleep from sunset to sunrise and then sleep again during the day. So if you have lazy characteristics such as this animal maybe you are a member of his family.
  • Long hands. The purpose of the length of the hand here is not a thief. This animal has hands that are longer than its legs. When both of their hands are stretched together, then the length of the range is able to reach 2 meters more.
  • Food. These animals include all-eating or omnivorous eaters. It’s very similar to you. Although these animals are omnivorous they prefer to eat fruits and vegetables. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables they are also very happy to eat honey and insects.

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Those are the nine uniqueness that we know from orangutans. There may be many other uniquenesses of this animal that are not yet known. So let’s take care and protect together these Indonesian primates. if you still want to see it decorated in the forests of Indonesia. One way is to give full support to the government in conservation and not do things that can damage their habitat.

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