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Persian cats : The history of this persian cat is generally not very specific known to people, when it was first discovered and when it was first recorded as being preserved by humans.

But this type of persian cat has been believed to roam and become a human pet for thousands of years. This type of breeds/derivatives of persian cat breeds was first recorded in the show or cat contest in the longhair/longhair cat category, in the United Kingdom.

The first/early generation Persian cat is known to have the physical features of a round head, short/not-long face, and a pesek nose and cobby body (bantet tinkering). And around the 1800s, cat lovers especially persian cat breeds were more looking for, nurturing and breeding persian cats with the physical features of a wider round head, noses getting smaller and smaller, eyes wider and brighter, ears shortened round, and bodies made increasingly cobby. Because it is the physical characteristic of persian cats that is considered the most perfect (Top Show Quality Persian Cats), and is a reference to every cat contest,especially if it focuses on the assessment of persian cat breeds.

In its development, the Persian Cat was imported to the Americas, especially the United States (USA) in the 1900s. and became very popular in the USA country, especially persian cats colored in silver or blue fur. And in 1900, 1901, and 1902 several United States newspapers recorded several persian cat victories in several national cat contests.

Persian Cat Lovers
Persian Cat

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The bear of the Persian Cat kalem makes this cat need a calm and friendly environment as well, especially the condition of the occupants of the house that is not too dense and also quiet. This Persian cat is also very friendly to humans, especially children, making this persian cat very much loved by many people, especially cat lovers.

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But behind his calmness and friendly nature, it is also worth noting that this persian cat also has a selfish attitude, as he pleases, and cannot be arranged let alone hardened/snapped. Because the Persian Cat with all its beauty has a trait that needs to be loved, spoiled and given freedom. He will greatly avoid harsh treatment or coercion, so it will not often cause him to fight back, hate you or even run away from home.

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